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    I know that this is the wrong forum, but hey......

    I don't really collect action figs, but I love the astromech droids.

    I have so far aquired R2D2, R2Q5, R2B1 & R5D4.

    The only one that I need is the Red R2 unit that comes with the Naboo Cruiser but I ain't paying 40 for it.

    If anybody has a spare and is willing to trade then let me know (or if you see it at auction I would appreciate a shout).

    Many thanks


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    Thumbs up see jt's dc ywing thred :)

    Or, if you can get some of them garyperry resin "stmms" to trade, i Might be able to get b'jr to give up his xtra b1 (he had 3, and let me take the red lightpipe outta one of them so i can install it in my r2q5 just cuz he wants to see how it'll look ) first priorities: one each of equinox, steamrunner, sabre, akira, norway, cardie fighter, starfleet fighter, prometheus. second priorities: concept ent, 1st concept excelsior, jenolan
    i know those're longshots, but a man can dream, eh?
    yeah, astros work good w/our mms, eh? which d2 you got? i prefer commtech ep1 w/booster rockets
    btw, i noticed you already got a teemto pod even though i'd saved you one. don't need anymore? if not i'll diVerT to someone else
    np: o'jays, "love train"

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    Sorry VT - can't get Gary to supply any more freebees - believe me, I tried.

    Tell you what though, I have a couple of spare Delta Flyers on the way from that site that you emailed me.

    What do you say - a delta flyer and the voyager snap fast (if I can find it) for the Naboo Cruiser red R2?

    The podracers - bought all of them for buttons so don't need the 2 that you were sending - cheers anyway.


    PS I too have the R2 with boosters - it's ACE!

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    I just wish the middle leg of the booster R2 was articulated as it has a really nice frosted dome even if it is hemispherical instead of elliptical; a pointless sculpt with the boosters IMHO, DC-designed or not. In fact like a lot of DC's artwork, there were glaring errors such as the N1 astromech socket and the flying R2.

    The Red R2 is my fave, I'm waiting for a good R5 sculpt b4 I buy and don't even get me onto the R2-B1 shortcuts and errors - chrome dome...pour quoi?????


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    Delta Flyer??? Hmm... interesting...
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    Delta Flyers?

    VT put me on to 'em.

    You can order them from....

    for $5 - they are in scale with a Voyager model (slightly smaller than an MM), but I don't know if they require painting (as they haven't arrived yet).

    I have 3 on the way - one for myself, GSJ and a spare for the proposed trade.



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    Hey, I'll take my Teemto's Pod back if it's no longer going to its final destination, I don't really know where my duplicate got off to, so I figured if I had to, I'd just suppliment my podracers with the pick-u-parts one from the 2nd series since all its bits are in there, but I'd rather have a solid one and not waste one of those pod chassis.

    As for the red R2-R9, I haven't seen these going for cheap, but I'll keep my eyes open at the TRU leftovers bins, they've had a few loose Royal Starships in there before and I met a guy who found one with the droid inside for only $15.
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    thanks JT


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    Angry 2quote phil hartman's secretly-ruthless reagan, "this is the part of the job i HATE!"

    i'm afraid that i'd already turned your teemto pod over to b'jr jt and Now i hear you expressing regrets about trading us yer kazons, which you'd previously disdained so much you didn't even wanna keep One of?
    sigh, post-trade regrets from my partners always bum me out tell you what, if you Try to hunt down yer duplicate and can't find, i'll go to bat for you re what is now b'jr's teemto, ok?

    other part of the job i hate: don't worry bc3, i believe you tried but i'm afraid b'jr wouldn't consent to trading his r2r9 for a deltaflyer & qs voy but i'll continue My lookout; might That entitle me to the qs voy (IF you can find one cheap & easy of course)?

    jdah: "a pointless sculpt with the boosters"
    -agreed- personally i prefer the datalink's feature-rich body; but on balance the rocketman r2 just looks best imo

    "glaring errors such as the N1 astromech socket"
    -you mean no room for his legs? if so, see Incred Cross-Sections for explanation why it Isn't an error (it used to bug the hellouttame too )
    np: elton, "philadelphia freedom"

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    The rocket boosters on the R2 are there because to make the R2-D2 Episode I figure more "kid-worthy" they added the rocket boosters that are from a cut scene from the Coruscant segment that was to consist of him falling from the floating platform and using his boosters to get back upto the pad. That would've been a really really awesome scene, IMHO, they should've added that to the DvD also.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"


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