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    Smile At ST and speeder bike

    I found the AT ST and speeder bike today at TRU in Bradenton Fla. Its looks real nice the price was $19.99...

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    $19.99? At TRU here, they're $29.99! Crikey!

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    Maybe the extras are on clearance now. That is if you can still find one.
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    Oooooohhh... I'll have to keep a lookout. I didn't want to spend $30 since I have both my vintage one and the '96 POTF one - but I'll spend $20 to add another!!
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    Hmm....The only reason I'd want it was for Paploo.....but, I'm not too big on it myself....I already have Speeders, and my lil' bro has a POTF AT-ST
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    Whick Ewok was Paploo? I remember in the cartoon that the two main guy Ewoks were Wicket and another... was that Paploo or Teebo?

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    Yeah, I saw the AT-STs at TRU last night. They had 5 of them in
    great condition. I had to go back today and pick one of them up.
    All 5 were still there.

    Then when I was about to leave, I saw an employee busting open a new case of figures to help someone else. He did the same for me and I got 2 Dookus. He made my day. I've been looking for Dooku for almost 2 weeks.

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    $19.99 is a good deal for the AT-ST. I bought one for 29.99 and the girl at TRU said "Oh there is a 20% off coupon today. "I didn't ask any questions and just said "cool". I didn't have a coupon and never heard or saw of any coupon. But she did it anyway and the total for it was about $26.00 w/ tax. She was a cool chick.

    Also did you guys notice the three guns on the AT-ST on almost everyone are pointed down. I took a thin piece of wire, made a hook on it and shoved it down the tab where you would open the box and pulled the guns up so they point sraight w/o unsealing the box. It worked good.
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    $19.99 or $29.99 I haven't even seen one in the stores. Distribution sucks. Clones are rare here and pegwarmers in Sacramento, What gives?
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    Paploo is that little pesky Ewok that steals the Speederbike at the Endor Bunker to lure away those Imperial bucket heads.

    PS: is it true that the AT-ST doesn't come with stickers?

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