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    Could you perhaps get me a couple items if i send you some Euro's?

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    it depends on how much it is
    I have no idea about shipping to the netherlands from france but maybe my parents could help me
    tell me what you exactly want and I'll see what I can do
    or email me at

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    In Lisbon,Portugal, at least one of the TRUs is well stocked:

    Most of the Basic figures from wave 1 at 10 (no Yoda or Dooku, unfortunately) :

    At least the Deluxe Jango Fett (17);

    Jedi Starfighter (40 Ouch!)

    Slave 1 (45 Oucher!)

    Also on that TRu, there are the POTJ AT-ST/Speederbike (38), some of the most recente POTJ figures (Tantive 4 trooper, imperial commander, IG88, and R-3PO/K-3PO (the white protocol droid from Hoth)) and the preview figures, all at 10.

    No other stores carry the saga toys, apart from the others TRU with a much more limited assortment.

    If you're interested in anything in particular, just say.

    187 Maul, I could use one A-Wing...they never got here anyway .

    Also, the TRU with the biggest assortment has most of the figures in US cards, some including inserts, the other ones just have the european versions.

    Pedro Telles

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    To 187-Maul: You've got maul, err..i mean mail!

    To Demiurgo: Could you check if you can find any TIE-Bombers?

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    No, absolutely no Tie Bombers.

    I would have mine already if they were available over here .

    Pedro Telles

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    Bummer. Any other POTJ vehicles or playsets where you live?

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    As far as I can recall, there's not many POTJ for sale in Portugal...probably just the AT-ST/Speeder Bike combo.

    A couple of Dewbacks/Rontos are still on TRUs.

    Are you looking for anything on particular?.

    Pedro Telles

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    How much are the dewbacks/rontos ?

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    I'm not sure (and I don't want to put you on error) but I think they are retailing for 10/15, 20 euros maximum.

    Pedro Telles

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    Talking Wohoooo - Listen up, my fellow Germans!


    meesa sooo happy!!!

    Errr... Yeah. Um. Well, I mean, I just found a bunch of new figs at Spielemax (one of Germany's most well-stocked toystores). They had all the ones mentioned in my previous (plus a KE Jango /w helmet variation! ) as well as *loads* of...

    Clone Trooper :happy:
    HD Anakin :happy: :happy:
    Yoda :happy: :happy: :happy:

    and, like, two lone Zam Wessels. Needless to say, I grabbed one of each immediately - and I still have some money left for the big SW celebration/sale tomorrow! As I was told by the store manager, all SW items will be 10% off, several new items will be put on the shelves at last and lots of prices are waiting for fans!!!


    I'm going, I'm going, I'm sooo going. First is Spielemax and general shopping, then the movie, then back to the celebration!

    My fellow Germans:

    Yar Yar 4 Life!


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