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    Arrow Hasbro, your fan choice voting system is easy to corrupt...

    I'm sorry Jar Jar, I thought they did'nt know and I got a little mad when I discovered my friend did that...

    I was just trying to point that Hasbro should change it...

    I tried to delete the post but had little luck so edited as you can see...
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    Good job telling everyone how to do it Darth Ovori. Hasbro had similar problems with the last poll, and did a manual recounting of the poll. So if they notice to much funky voting the same will happen this time. People loaded the ballot box for that darn Twi'Lek Massuese. Some people just have no ethics.

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    No worries Darth Ovori, it's just that not everyone knows how to do it, and it's best that it stays that way. It wasn't an attack at you, but there was a major uproar during the last Fan Choice poll over people cheat voting, and I am praying that it doesn't happen again.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    I understand your position since your figure choice is leading...

    But if I know of people already having done it, I'm sure the horror as already been done...
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    Even if I knew how to flood the poll, Hasbro would get a little suspicious if my choice for FanFig4 went from last place up to first place. So there would be no point.

    In fact, this is the first poll that the figure I wanted not only didn't win but is probably the least wanted of the figures.
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    I thought that everybody knew how to "cheat" online polls. I suppose enough "bad apples" do to make a difference.

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    Darth Ovari, PM me directions so that I can ensure victory for the dignitary.

    Many thanks!

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    During one of the previous Fan Choice polls, I slammed the lower-voted figures with votes because it was so vulnerable after we contacted Hasbro and told them of this hole. We were told that the poll itself would have IP-address matching or something to that effect so the final counts would be accurate, even if the displayed ones weren't. I can't verify that they were honest about that, but when someone else slammed another figure over Amanaman in the last day of the poll, Amanaman ended up winning anyway.
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    Probably because it's all a facade and a charade and a virago of a sham of a debacle of a pointless exercise, as I truly believe that Hasbro has already decided which will win before the voting started. Hasbro saying that the final tally will be counted by single IP address entries rather than the floods of votes by individuals gives Hasbro carte blanche to rig the vote any which way they want and say that somoene was rigging the votes artificially and those votes were disqualified.

    Hasbro has no doubt already done the basic designs for all of these figures anyway. If they were working on Aayla Secura for next year at C2 then they work a long time in advance of production and it's fair to assume that the basic sculpt of the real 'winner' of the poll is already done.

    Not that I'm consumed with conspiracy theories or anything...
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    Wait, theres a new Fan Choice Poll? Jeez, I'm out of it for a little while, everyone gets delusions of new figures. Who are the choices? Nevermind, I'll go look.


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