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    Re Card Old Figures!!!

    It's worked in the past....

    rerelease some of the more popular figures, on new Saga cards, with their original accessories (INCLUDING COMMTECH CHIPS), maybe have a fan poll on which should be rereleased.....

    this would give you (Hasbro) a chance to get rid of old stock, and us fans a chance to pick up some of our favorite figures, either because they were rare (Holo Sidious), or just too cool to buy just one........

    Just an idea.....
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    I would have to say 'no' to this idea, most of the POTF2 figures just don't hold a candle to the newer POTJ and Saga stuff.
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    they should release SOME old figs like Nikto, Reeyees, Ishi Tib, Wuher, R2 with holo leia and some more
    then I would be satisfied since I can't find any POTF2 figs anymore except at onlinestores for high prices or at comicshops for even higher prices

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    This is an interesting idea. I agree with the idea that the old figures aren't as good a sculpt as the new ones BUT what about someone who wasn't collecting the figures in 1995 and later? BUT it also brings into play the idea that if an older figure is worth X amount of dollars re-releasing it will hurt its value. I am not interested in this idea at all. I would love to have the death star trooper, admiral motte, swimming jar jar, etc.
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