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  • The New Slave-One is the best bounty in the Galaxy!

    71 62.83%
  • The Jedi Starfighter has the full power of the Force behind it!

    42 37.17%
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    In a perfect world, I'd be able to vote for both of these, because I like them both very much. However, it's not, so I had to choose one. I went with Slave 1 over the Starfighter. They're both great sculpts, but Slave 1 has got the edge on fun. I can see myself running around my apartment shooting missles and dropping charges on unsuuspecting bounties right now Also, the design is a vast improvement over the original Slave 1. That sticker thing sucks, though. The Starfighter is a great design, and I like the way it can be displayed the way it appears in the film without the kid- friendly features getting in the way. However, in the end, it's no match for Jango and his ship.
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    I like both of these ships a lot but I had to go with the Slave 1 because of the weapons. I don't like the Jedi Starfighter's attack mode too much either. The cockpit decals for the Slave 1 were very frustrating though.

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    Like most people I like both, a lot. But I have to go with Slave 1. I'm not sold on the Jedi fighter yet. Until I see the wing pop off in the movie, I'll keep quite on the subject. But back to Slave 1, most of the new features are pretty cool. It can really hold three figures, I like spot of the jet pack. The missile firing is great. And the mine drop is cool (but again I want to see this in the movie).
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    Don't have either yet, but I do plan to buy the Slave 1 first so I will have to go with that.
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    I've bought both,but my wife's decided i cant open them(nor any of the figs) until the 16th!
    I drooled over the boxes(until they were taken away and hidden!)Well "Slave 1"has the armament for sure and the "Jedi door-wedge" looks pretty slick!
    But come may 16th I will be playing with "Slave 1" and my wife the "Jedi motorboat"Jango's just to scary for me to dis his ride!!!

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    It's got the pre-Star Destroyer look going for it, as well as the other features that have been mentioned. I love this basic shape/design, because of the menace of the SD, and just b/c it's cool!
    The landing gear really works! I don't have to finish pushing it into its housing.
    I like the paint app.

    Drawbacks for both:
    They're both re-hashes - Slave 1 is, well... Slave 1 (even if it is super cool!). The JS brings to mind the SD, as I said earlier, and an A-Wing.

    Slave 1:
    A cool paint app. My S1 from POTF2 has a kind of fuzzy paint app where there was overspray (the jagged "paint chipping"/weathering wasn't jagged), this one is pretty sharp.
    We don't have to worry about getting Han's frozen body in it, so the redesign works very well. In fact we get room for what they show in the movie- multiple fig's in cockpit and plenty of weapons.

    This was a very close decision, but Slave 1 gets my vote. It's almost too bad for the JS that the closeness of the vote isn't reflected in the results.
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    The Slave 1 remains one of the most creative ship designs in the Star Wars saga, and with a newer appearance, and the nostalgia factor, it easily wins over the Jedi Starfighter.
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    Got the Slave 1 today and LOVE it! I never had any of the OT Slave 1, it's an AWESOME ship!

    Got little Boba to go with it.

    My vote goes for the Slave 1 for sure.

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    The new Slave-One is one of my all-time favorite Star Wars vehicles from Hasbro.

    It is quite possibly the most fun of any of them to play with.

    I love stuff that flies and rapid-fire missles that really shoot top my list of things I like in the toys, besides electronic sounds. But even without them, Slave-One is fully loaded with features and I love having this ship in my collection. As I'm finally posting now, revealing my vote, this ship is currently going strong into the champion rounds as it pounds on the Naboo Starfighter in the Semi-Finals at the moment while I'm posting!

    Gosh I love this toy vehicle!
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