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    SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Quarterfinals - Fight 3!!!

    Uh-oh! 2 Heavyweights have just entered the Arena!

    What's going to happen next?


    In tonight's exciting Battle of the Machines we have a terrible fight lined up for you tonight! The safeties on all the guns come unlocked and the heavy artillery is brought out!

    Because tonight, it's the AT-AT versus the Millennium Falcon!

    All things get a little crazy in war! And there's nothing crazier than the captain of the Millennium Falcon.

    In one of the closer matches in the Battle of the Machines, Han Solo's freighter outran the Naboo Queen's Royal Starship, 41-29, speeding ahead of it with 58% of the votes. The Millennium Falcon sports a totally updated features list for its release in the modern line. The electronic effect is now electronic effects, plural: as the ship makes a cruise control sound, an incoming radar alert noise (from "A New Hope"), and let's you jump to light speed! And speed into battle the fastest ship in the galaxy does, with the Falcon's front dorsal and ventral blasters lighting up and featuring the sound effects from The Empire Strikes Back that were added to the movie for the hidden anti-personnel cannon on the ship's underbelly. More formidable for attack or defense, is the Millennium Falcon's turret cannon that boasts quad-lasers that an action figure can control while seated in the gunner chair. Speaking of seating, the Falcon seats 2 in the cockpit (if you can find a scrawny Chewie sculpt) and the ship can carry probably up to 10 more figures in the main hold. 3 can be positioned around the Dejerik Chess gameboard, while at least 3 others can smuggle themselves below deck in the Falcon's hidden contraband compartment. A boarding ramp raises and lowers, as do 3 manually and independently operated landing gear skids. The center one can be used as a "flight handle" to allow you to maneuver the Falcon in battle against other Star Wars vehicles.

    And tonight this Rebel ship IS going to do battle! The Falcon takes on the Imperial Army's All-Terrain-Armored-Transport, or AT-AT!

    This juggernaught crushed the Rebel Snowspeeder 100-25 or with 80% of the vote! With armor too strong for blasters, the towering Imperial Walker could probably carry over a half-dozen snowtrooper action figures into combat in its troop carrier section, while under the command of the exclusive packed-in AT-AT Driver and AT-AT Commander (as close as we've come to General Veers' proper figure) seated in the cockpit. From there they can command the fully poseable behemoth machine's 4 giant legs, jointed in three points of articulation on each. Covering them, are the remote operated chin guns that fire with the air-piercing sound effects and red "laser" flashes one would come to expect from the firepower of this war machine. But that's not all: side-mounted anti-aircraft cannons feature missle tubes with launching projectiles capable of descimating any Rebel defenses! A remote lever in the transport section controls the aiming and directional tracking of the metal beasts head, and a electronic, backlit communications and tactical station replays dialog from the movie, and features the bone-crunching thunder a walker's legs make in action, as well as the terror-striking sound of many needle-like barrages of the walker's smaller artillery cannons.

    Well we've brought out to you some of the best of the best as we fight on to determine which Hasbro Star Wars vehicle IS the best?

    Now, you're going to vote and then I'm sure you'll all post - because there's going to be a lot to talk about between the fans of each of these two giants!

    So what do YOU think?
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    I love the AT-AT but the Falcon is the coolest ship in the Star Wars universe IMO. The Falcon is like a playset and a vehicle in one and the electronics only add to it's appeal. I do wish they would have packed an exclusive Chewy or a maintenance droid with it though, but it still rocks.
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    Falcon all the way, who wants a slow-moving freakishly large cow of a land vehicle?

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    The Falcon wins hands down, no contest at all. Simply the best ship in the Galaxy.

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    The AT-AT is a cool toy. I dont have either but the AT-AT comes with 2 figures(one of which cant be had anywhere else), electronic sounds and it looks like the gun turrets move. The Millenium Falcon is my favorite in the movies but the toy is lacking especially in the cockpit design which cant even fit Chewie and Han. So my vote is for the womping stomping AT-AT.

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    This vote is about the toys, so I have to go with the AT-AT.

    The AT-AT has a cool audio system with a Vader comm signal, comes with 2 exclusive figures, and can allow figures to sit in the cockpit AND the roomy main hold. There's even a lever to move the head and neck around and it also got a much-needed weathered paint job.

    By contrast, the Falcon toy feels like a tired old retread from '78 with NO improvements to me, and it doesn't even fit modern figures in the cockpit. In fact, I think Hasbro even removed a feature for the re-release - the Jedi training remote.

    The Millennium Falcon deserves a much better toy than the one it got, after 3 decades, the original doesn't cut it in my eyes.
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    The Falcon is the best ship EVER!!!!!!!! I do like the AT-AT alot but nothing comes close to the Falcon!!!!
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    I know its the Falcon, but in my humble opinion, the AT-AT is the one I would want to buy first. It talks, its big, it has legs that move, and had two pack-ins to boot. Its cockpit can easy sit two where the Falcon's needs some coaxing. Definitely more playability.

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    The POFT2 Falcon is lame. It shouldn't have made it past the first round. I have to go with the AT-AT by default. Now don't get me wrong I love the Falcon, is I just happen to hate the POFT2 version.
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    Once again, it looks like people are voting for the "movie" ship and not the toy.

    AT AT hands down. I have the vintage and the update. While the original had the cool motorized front guns that the update lacks, the Falcon update fails the contest because of the lack of useful upgrades, particularly in the cockpit. Sound and light fx only go so far with playability, and the AT AT overall wins this contest.


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