It's time for another great match in the SSG Battle of the Machines!

This is the second to last fight in the Preliminaries.

Tonight, Jango Fett's Slave-One takes on Obi-Wan Kenobi's Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter!

Lasers and Gamorreans, it's time for the ships and vehicles of Episode 2 to take over the final first match rounds!

Obi-Wan Kenobi blasts off from the Jedi Temple in the sleek, new Delta-7 Starfighter. A truncated R4 unit that Anakin hardwired into the ship helps him navigate the stars as Obi-Wan goes on important Jedi missions. The cockpit opens to accomodate him and an overhead mission display pannel rotates into position so Obi-Wan can make use of all the resources his little ship has to offer. This includes a multi-terrain landing gear that locks down to hold the ship in place in all sorts of alien climates. But when Obi-Wan is no longer exploring and he's ready to fight, the Starfighter's 4 laser cannons are not all that is at his disposal! Pop a secret attack mode conversion switch and the Delta-7 sheds its wings and strips down to a leaner fuselage packed with fire-power! Twin launching missles actually fire, and more than 6 laser cannons are locked into position, while stabalizer wings extend out for the tightest and fastest maneuvers!

Obi-Wan will need all the resources of his ship as he goes up against Jango Fett's Slave-One! The 3 seat Firespray Class patrol and attack craft is packed with hidden features. To start with, there's no tracking all of them! If you manage to attach a tracking device onto the hull of Slave-One, it's onboard systems will detect it and by flipping a pannel on the toys fuselage, you can instantly destroy and detection devices, or repair the ship to "brand new." What's more impressive is the firepower packed in this baby! After manually rotating the craft's stabalizer wings into flight position for fast manuevering, hit the hidden weapons control knob to pop open a secret hatch to reveal a quadruple firing rapid launch missle system! And it really works! Extra missles are stored in the back so you can always find the fire power you will need to hunt Jango Fett's prey. But sometimes you gotta scare them out a little - that's ok too. Slave One comes with 4 rapid release plasma charges that can also be deployed like space mines just in case it gets a little harder to pin point your quarry. Or if the contract says dead-or-alive, use them in combination with the missles to just blast them into one big disintegration! It's tough to outmatch or outgun Hasbro's all-new Slave-One!

Which one is your favorite ship that you think could best go on to meet the challenge of facing all the best of Hasbro's StarWars starcraft to win the singular title of being the Ultimate Hasbro Star Wars vehicle?

You will decide, vote, and discuss now!