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    Slicker, they don't have penquins at the north pole, only the south pole.

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    EDIT: Just lookin' at times and I noticed that JT posted only 2 and a half hours before the WTC attacks.
    Weird, I remember much of that morning but not making that post. I used to stay up till 5am and would post late overnight, that day I stayed up a little later for no reason, was watching the lightweight morning news when the attacks happened and we saw the second hit live, it was awful, I came online and started talking to Steve and other people about it, then tried to do some crowd-control in the forums and keep people from overhyping (people were talking about 50,000 dead), I stayed on till the mid-afternoon and had a VERY difficult time sleeping.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Sounds a lot like what we did on the NY Rangers board that day. A bunch of us kept posting back and forth as more known posters from the NY area joined to let us know they were alright. We must have hit over 200 posts in only a few hours on a single thread that day.
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