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    Is the 12 inch Jango out in the UK?

    Hi all.
    Does anyone know if the 12inch Jango Fett is out in the UK, and if so where?
    If not, does anyone know when he will be, where and at what price?

    Thanks a lot
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    Well, I've not seen any 12" over here yet, although Forbidden Planet's mail order is doing the three jedi at 35 each!!!!!
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    12" Jango will be released in June.

    It has a US release price of $49.99 so probably around 30-35 over here in the UK. Hopefully cheaper

    There is also an electronic Jango, but no release date but has a US price of around $29.99.
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    Thanks a lot for the info
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    We mailed TRU asking if they'd ever be getting the 12" figures, this is what they said:

    "We currently do not stock these figures but we will be stocking them from mid July onwards. The reference number for these figures for future reference is 509736."

    (We don't know if that number refers to a specific figure, or all the 12" guys)

    Yay! Shame about the wait but we'll be able to get them somewhere cheaper than Forbidden Planet
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    You call Forbidden Planet cheap?

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    Haa Haaa Haaaa... sorry... let me recover. FP Cheap.. Haa Haaa Haaaa...


    What are they on??? I'm double guttedas I didn't have any space left in my luggage from my US trip, and they were 14 over there!!!!
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    Forbidden Planet cheap?
    Can pigs fly?
    Can Yoda say 'antidisestablishmentarianism"?

    I don't think so.
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