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Thread: Who has all 96?

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    Question Who has all 96?

    Just wondering if anyone out there actually has all 96 vintage figures. For those of you not keeping score, the POTF card showed 92 figures on the back. Add Yakface, 93. Then add the original Threepio, original Artoo and the Sensorscope Artoo, 96.

    At last count, I only have 58 of them, but my next major goal as a collector is to fill in the gaps. Of course, when those gaps include Yakface, Luke Stormtrooper, Han Carbonite and pretty much most of the POTF line then it becomes a slow expensive process.

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    I have all the Vintage figures that were released,I just [b]dont[b] have the Ewoks and Droids figures that didn't come out,that includes Vlix, which I have had 2 chances to buy,but I didn't want to pay the price they were charging,But I find my collection complete by my standards
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    Got them all mostly loose. I've done trades for some of the last figures in the line with some of the htf FF figures that I found in retail. As an example, I traded my extra FF Sandtrooper for a carded Amanaman! Other figures I managed to get from eBay and I do have multiples of the more common figures plus some of the htf ones which I use for my dioramas. Check out my Ewok Dioramas.
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    Plus if u add Snaggletooth (Sears Cantina) u have 97. Anyway my count goes to 61.
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    I'm glad you didn't consider "variants" separate figures (i.e. Vinyl Jawa, Small head Han, Brown hair Bepsin Luke, etc.) in your list.
    I guess I must have 'em all, since I have all the ones listed on the POTF card, plus the other R2s, C3PO, Yakface, and Blue Snaggs. Droids and Ewoks don't count in my collection.
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    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    I'm glad you didn't consider "variants" separate figures (i.e. Vinyl Jawa, Small head Han, Brown hair Bepsin Luke, etc.) in your list.
    I really don't consider variants to be separate figures, and to me a complete figure collection doesn't inlcude them. Blue Snags is kind of an exception since he is almost a completely new sculpt when compared to the Red Snags, so he could count, bringing the number up to 97.

    Also I was thinking about adding the Rebo Band 3-Pack which would bring the count up to 100. I've also heard Jabba referred to as a figure, not a beast, so he could bring the total up to 101.

    Egads, where does it end?

    Oh yeah, Ewoks and Droids toys (with the exception of the A-Wing vehicle, A-Wing Pilot and Boba Fett) are most definitely not Star Wars in my book. Vlix be damned!!

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    Thumbs up

    Hey, we forgot Salacious Crumb too!! That would take us to 102!!
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    I call it 100

    Though I would agree that the Max Rebo Band and blue Snaggletooth count as figures, I disagree with including Jabba and (especially) Salacious in that mix. Jabba is a tough one to classify, but Salacious, then as now, is no more than an accessory in my book. If you include Jabba and Salacious, why not include the probe droid from the Turret & Probot Playset (103), the Taun Taun (104), Dewback (105), well, you get the idea.

    Anyway, no matter how you slice it, I have them all, from the Early Bird Luke (Christmas present in 1977 when I was 12) to (bitterly paid $75.00 loose) Yakface, the only figure I did not know about until years after the line ended. Yakface and Lumat were the only two I did not buy as they came out, including the blue Snags (Christmas present in 1978). I was one of the lucky ones, my mom recognized EXACTLY what Star Wars was going to be from day one, and encouraged my brothers and I to take care of our figures and toys. I was the only one who listened and now I have to have one room of the house just for my collection!
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    Belly Open Tauntaun as another? Dianoga from the DS playset? The droid form the Droid Factory set? The list could go on and on. I think just 3 3/4" scale figures with SW, ESB, ROJ, POTF, or TriLogo cards should count. Whoops; then that'd take Blue Snaggs out. Dang! Why can't toy collecting be easy, as well as fun?!?
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