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    Death Star Space Station

    Hey. Anybody out there have a Death Star Space Station they want to sell? Does anyone know where to get one? What's a good price for it?


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    Dependes on which one you want. In the UK we had a cardboard effort which fethces about $200 depending on the box. Then there's the US version which had plastic support frame. Not sure about that one.

    Maybe I'm wrong - can anyone verify / correct me?
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    Exclamation Now don't quote me on this one, but...

    Palatoy (the British one) was a circular dome-shaped cardboard action playset, with doorways that opened between each section. The US one was a vertical tower-type playset with lots of features. This one didn't really look like the Death Star, but it was cool! Alas, I only played with my friends' sets, as I could not get Santa to help me out.
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    I have most of the parts to a vintage Death Star that I'm planning on E-baying very soon.If you're interested in it maybe we can work something out.E-mail me if you're interested.

    Thanks, Brian TopJedi
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    Arrow Just a reminder...

    Discussions on which Death Star playset is which are fine here in the DISCUSSION Forums. But any requests for sales/trades/buys should be placed in the Classified section.
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    I have a loose complete death star, and had been wondering how much it was worth. I found a loose one described as C-7.5/8 at Brian's Toys for $200. They also had a boxed one for $695. Their prices tend to be a little on the high side, though. But that should give you an idea. Hope it helps.

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    I never owned one myself, so I have no experience with these playsets. What do you think is better? I've looked at fotos of each several times over the years, and from what I've seen they each have advantages.

    What's your preference?

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    Re: Just a reminder...

    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    Discussions on which Death Star playset is which are fine here in the DISCUSSION Forums. But any requests for sales/trades/buys should be placed in the Classified section.
    I respect this option and have used it w/ limited success. Unfortunately, I don't think we always reach those that desire to sell or "get rid of" just solely using the Buy/Sell/Trade area. I'm not talking about rampant disregard for the rules but sometimes you do find what you are looking for in the discussion areas rather than the proper B/S/T forums.

    BTW, I don't have a DS playset to sell. I'm actually customizing mine. Oh darn, that belongs in a different forum. I'm probably going to get banned for trying to help someone. AAAHHHHHHH!!!
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    This discussion has been fine. (Don't worry, Sidiously D. You won't be banned ). Here are some examples of unacceptable threads:

    Post #1a: I have a [item] for sale. E-mail me at [address] or check my auction at [auction site].

    Post #2b: Is it mint?

    Post #3a: Yes.

    Post #4b: OK.

    Post #5a: And it is in the box.

    Post #6b: Cool.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Post #1a: I have a [item]. How much is it worth?

    Post #2b: I think it's [value].

    Post #3c: No, I think it's [different value].

    Post #4d: Check the price guide (Cantina).

    Post #5a: OK.

    See? These have no purpose that couldn't be served by the indivduals e-mailing each other. No need to put responses in a thread. So in that regard, the Classifieds would work. That's all.
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    Thank the Makers!!!

    I totally agree w/ you on those sample posts, Bel. That's just a waste of space. Wading through 20 one word posts to get to the real meat can be tedious.
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