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    Target finally lowers POTJ prices!

    My friend went to the Target in Towson, MD and White Marsh, MD and saw all the Star Wars stuff they had on sale. The Deluxe Amanaman and Leia Slave were 11 bucks (still no big deal) and the regular figures were 4.50 apiece. They had just set out a few fresh cases of the FX-7 wave, so it was a great find indeed! Just thought I'd let you all know!

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    All I have to say is it's about time.
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    Yep, I noticed it today. I went in and bought my Amanaman that I have been waiting forever for. I knew that patience would pay off.
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    Now if only Wal-Mart would wise up and do the same thing.

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    It seems that SithDroid is not the only one who was waiting for the price drop.

    My Target had 8-10 (each leia and Amanaman) of these things waming the pegs for months.

    2 nights ago I saw that they had droped the prices. They must have just put out the change because everything was still there.

    Last night I went back and ALL of the Amanaman's were GONE!!! But Leia was still warming pegs!
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    I agree it is about time Target lowers their price! The Deluxe Amanaman at $11 is better than $15.99 but it was overpriced anyways. Toys R Us usually has the highest price points but at least their regular price was $10.99. Yeah no big deal but they could have lowered under $10.

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    I went there last night and picked up the Han/Chewie set for $11.10. I passed on the Amanaman because I overpaid for one several months ago . . . but a friend snagged 2 of the headhunter.

    I thought about waiting for another drop on the 25th Han/Chewie, but if I did I think the package would just be subject to further damage.

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    My theory . . .

    Just a personal theory on why Target had originally the Deluxe Amanamans and Slave Leia Cannons for $15.99, in some cases 5 or $6 more than what the deluxes normally sold for at TRU or Wal-Mart.

    It seemed like they were the only major retailer to stock the Amanamans and Leia deluxes. (Wal-Mart and TRUs might have stocked them, and if they did, I never saw them.) I've seen tons of the Deluxe Shirtless Mauls and Bacta Tank Lukes hanging around at TRU, K-mart and Kaybee. Target recognized maybe that they were only retailer carrying the figures so they jacked up the price because they knew some collectors would pay it, since they were the only store in town to carry it.

    And for those of you who didn't read the post regarding the finds at Ames (the post was started by Jedi Master Sal), I found these suckers for $3.97. I feel like a fool for paying the "sale" price of $11.10 for an Amanaman
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    The reason they were $15.99 in the first place is because Target thought that Amanaman and Leia were supposed to be the same price as the 25th Anniversary 2-packs. They probably got confused because of the "deluxe" in the title.
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    It looks as though I still got the best deal of all, and after reading some of these reports, I'm now convinced that either it was just that store or a clerical error. I stated in a post several weeks ago that I snagged Leia and Amanaman at the Wal-Mart on Route 222 in Reading, PA for the low price of $2.50 a piece!!!! I must've just lucked out BIG TIME!!!
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