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    Talking Dear Hasbro, hows that Sith Infiltrator coming along... ???

    All these poor Darth Mauls that are wacked out every month from the production line have nothing to travel with...

    And why is it that such a cool ship, 3 years down the line there still is'nt the toy of it... ???

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    that is a cool ship!

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    Yea I'll 3rd that call.

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    I want a Sith Infiltrator too, now!!!
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    since I'm a big darth maul fan I NEED that vehicle so make it, hasbro !

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    I'd buy one or more!
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    Yes, we need one now! I still can't understand why Hasbro doesn't make this vehicle, especially considering their seeming infatuation with Maul.
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    I wouldn't buy one, it will probably be over prized, under produced, and probably not as cool as we all want it to be.
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    Well if they do make it like it should be made, i'll gladly shell out $50-60 to get it. It should be 25-30" long, have electronic sounds and lights, opening doors on the back with a ramp, deployable landing gear, a Sith Speeder "garage", Probe Droids that can be placed in a rack (they should include 3 and stands), an elevator so Mauly can go from the "garage" to the cockpit and last but not least, the cockpit should have light-up panels and screens with sounds; a hologram Sidious that gives orders, some sort of ship status readout and a tracking system thingy.

    Plus this would be a good opportunity to release the ultimate (saga) Darth Maul.

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    Thumbs up

    DarthMaulSithLord, please apply for a job at Hasbro's ideas management... We need someone like you there...


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