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    Mace's Lightsaber - wassupwiddat?

    Looking at Geonosian Rescue Mace today I noticed just how long his bloody lighsaber is, it's nearly twice as long as the standard lengths. What do you think, is he making up for something?

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    Um, do you mean his lgihtsaber BLADE is too long? I doubt that's what you're talking about since I have a Geonosis Rescue Mace and it's the normal length.

    I assume you're talking about his lightsaber HILT. The metal hilt included with the Geo Mace and the Deluxe Mace is a bit too big (I don't think it's that big of a deal). I think the reason is that Hasbro is able to put a bit more detail into it, the larger it is.

    If you notice, all of the other metal sabers are pretty simple as far as details. Paint makes up for most of that. But Maces saber is very finelt etched with lots of ridges and curves. I'm guessing they had problems doing that if it was any smaller.
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    That was my take on it as well. I had gotten the deluxe Mace before I had gotten or had seen the other figures and I was quite impressed by the detailing that went into it. Once I saw the other Jedi Figures, I noticed the lack of detail on those. They were a lot more plain-looking and the paint application looked a little sloppier.
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    To me the blade looked long, it wouldn't seem to fit vertically in the bubble.

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    yeah, and luminara is packaged with an all-silver obi-wan saber
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    Speaking of Luminara

    On one of the Lumis I picked up, she is packaged so that the handle on her lightsaber is bent to the point that it resembles Count Dookus'.

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    I noticed the same bent lightsaber problem on several Jedi at my local WM.

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    Yeah, my Luminara saber is a cross between Dooku's and Obi-Wan's. I got the only Luminara and there were two Taun Wes.
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    Nah, Geo. Mace's lightsabre blade is fine, it's the hilt that's monstrous. But it's probably cuz of the reasons pthfnder89 pointed out.

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    I will say that I like the design on Mace's hilt. It must be a pain to wield - just look at the expression on the poor guy.


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