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    Collection Numbers?????

    What do the collection 1,2, or 3 mean on POTF2, EPI, and EPII, and POTJ cards... never seen any explanation as to why... i've tried to find the logic behind it myself like human, alien, empire or good, bad, neutral.... but can't find any order that it follows... some C1 figs later are C2... i don't get it... anyone know?

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    Col#3 were the bad dudes, Col#1 were the Good dudes and Col#2 were droids and aliens. But early in the POTF2 line the col# got all screwed up and Kenner changed a few of them around. Thats why if you look at some of the early figures, what I just said wont make sense. It makes it even more fun for collecting variations.
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