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    Padme Unleashed looks . . . pretty leashed.

    I dunno, I kinda like it though. The swirling chain fits the line, but the pose is surprisingly neutral.

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    Looks pretty cool, Caeser. I hope the face isn't the final version though. It doesn't look that great, the 4" figure looks alot more like her. Again, until I see better pictures I will reserve judgement whether to buy it or not.

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    looks pretty good IMO
    if I find the unleashed figs for good prices I'l probably buy all of them (Dath Maul, Anakin and Padme)
    is there a Mace coming to?

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    if only it could be 'Padme Undressed'
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    Can we say Abs of Steel? The face looks nothing like her. I don't plan on getting any of the unleashed figures.
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    ......The face almost looks like princess leia......

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    hmm, to me at least, the unleashed figures look like hasbro's attempt to make mcfarlane-esque figures
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    I don't really care about these.....
    The Darth Maul is pretty cool but all these are is statues of the characters...
    I won't be buying any unless they go down to a $1.00 price tag.

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    So far this one is the only one I am really interested in. The others are way too posed; but Padme looks great just standing there with the chains swirling around her.
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    Another boring unleashed, but it'll probably sell well with it being tight-skinned clothed and her shirt not being connection to her stomach. The face kinda makes it look like a chinese version of Leia.
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