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    Thank you, Thank you, very much!

    I never noticed it until I was watching EPI the other night on Fox but:

    Yoda has Elvis sideburns!

    When Qui-Gon presented Anakin to the Jedi Council, Yoda is in profile (around the time Mace Windu's line: "The Code forbids it") and you get a good look at Yoda's 'burns. Definitely a throwback to 1977!

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    Yeah, and there was a cool cut scene where a very young Jedi Padawan walks by and spots Yoda and admires his cool sideburns. After the Jedi purge that young padawan survives and grows up to become a great smuggler. He reappears in ANH sporting his Yoda inspired sideburns. Yes, that boy later became BoShek.

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    I thought Yoda's sideburns were pretty darn groovy.
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    I was flipping thru my old ESB graphic novel, and this sideburns discussion reminds me of the Yoda artwork. He's got some major length working past the ears, kinda cool.

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    man, yoda just keeps getting cooler and cooler!
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    Gentlemen and Ladies,
    Left the building, Yoda has.
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    LMAO bill!
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    I can see it now...

    Yoda shakin his hips, singing "Everybody on Coruscant, were dancin to the Jedi's flaunt" Then he finishes with the lip.
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    They were cool but Yoda really did not look like himself. He was made too young for the time period. Maybe a hundred years ago
    he would have looked like that.
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    i guess George Lucas was trying to get the point across that yoda was younger and he went a little overboard
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