Okay, I know this is waaaay off, but what the heck?

Luke/Vader recreating the unmasking of Vader

Luke/Leia swinging off the Sail Barge

Han/Leia after the unfreezing of Han


Chewie swinging from a vine with the two ewoks clutching onto him

Emperor/ Vader with kneeling Vader, recreating the Emperor's arrival scene

Emperor/Luke recreating the "force lightning" scene

Threepio/Artoo/Salacious Crumb with Threepio's eye hanging out and Salacious attacking him, Artoo ready to zap Salacious

Leia/Jabba with Leia strangling Jabba and Jabba's eyes bulging.

Of course, all of these couldn't be made but it's fun to dream, isn't it?

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