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    Jedi Council

    I want Hasbro to make a Jedi Council 12-Pack.

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    That would be really cool. I think that if there were to do it, they should do instead on one giant 12-pack, they should do 3-packs. Each Council member should also have a lightsaber, as well as their signiture chair. Now that would rock.
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    I agree. The lightsaber should have the removable blade as well and one to hook onto the belt. Plus they would definately have to have knee articulation so they could sit. Cloth robes would be the best solution. However which Jedi Council members do you mean, EP I or EP II? I would like to see all of EP I first, then add in the two others from EP II later.
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    Its a great idea. How about instead of 1 12-pack they break it up into 4 cinema scenes that can be joined together to make one large council.

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    I just want Yaddle and Yareal commemorated in death. bring on the Yaddle and Yareal action figures Hasbro...

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    Hmm.....I'd want the remaining Episode 1 figures made first.....

    but it would be nice for a Council Chamber playset......with 12 chairs....

    but it would'nt feel right if the Jedi couldn't sit, therefore they'd need knee articulation......and probably soft goods as well......
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    In fact there was never, never any figure made sitting ......Yellowdotsie Yoda couldn't sit like the movie, and the others members were very POTF" style.......I like to see maybe a couple of them sitting, maybe only the human-like ones....
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    Four Cinema Scenes featuring three different Jedi Council members in soft goods, sitting in their chairs, that connect into one big diorama. Have it be the Episode 1 Council and release Soft Goods Shaak-Ti and Coleman as separate figures you can stick in later.

    Excellent idea!
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    I couldn't agree more.Four interconecting three packs.
    make them Hasbro,i'll buy them
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