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    Building your own lightsaber

    I thought of making me my own lightsaber and wanted to ask if someone has done one ad/or knows how to build one
    the biggest question is the material: remember I am 15 years old and don't have enough money to afford me the best stuff (like making one out of metal)
    I have already made a design of one and could maybe show you guys the pic as soon as my scanner is ok
    the saber is actually a doublebladed one but can be detachable at the middle to make two normal ones of it
    BTW I was talking about making the hilt, sorry to confuse
    would there be a cheap (but good) way to make a blade as well?

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    You might try PVC plumbing pipe. It is cheap, cylindrical and easy to cut. The adhesive is very strong. It is not meant to be painted, so you would have sand it and prime it first. You should also be able to find smaller fittings to be used details, buttons, dials and rubber gaskets you could use for grips. It would definately be cheap. As for good, that would be up to you. I doubt I could do it. Good luck!

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    That's what I did when I made my Anakin/Luke ANH saber hilt about 10 years ago. I just went to the local Home Depot and bought a few different sizes of PVC plumbing pipe and some little electrical gadgets for the knobs and switches. I also hit a model railroad store for some plastic runners and thin sheeting for added details. In the end - and after about a month's meticulous work - I had a very nice-looking saber hilt. It's practically identical to the one in the movie, but cost me only about $20 and a little time.

    Here's a few hints that might help:

    -- Dog collars have great D-rings.
    -- Use a piece of closet hanger rod in your tubing to give it some weight.
    -- Before attaching your knobs and switches, rub them over a piece of fine sandpaper (wrapped rough side up around the hilt tubing). This will give them a cleaner, flush-mounted appearance - and gives the glue more of a surface to stick to.

    Hope that helps. Have fun.
    "I'm getting too old for this kind of thing"

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    Talking Cheap...Saber replicas!!!!

    Here's a site I was sent to by a fellow collector/customizer.

    I'm currently attempting the Vader hilt. Slowly but surely I will finnish some day.

    Lightsabers from the big yellow box

    This site has heavy traffic, so if you can't seem to get in, just keep trying. This site has alot of hilts, that cost anywhere from $10-$25 to construct depending on which style you like.

    Hope this helps you out............
    " I think I have the SITH sense...I see DARTH people!"

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    thanx for all the great tips and the link
    but I'll probably start in the summer or something so I have time to search for all the right materials

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    I built mine out of a mag light, I used aircraft metal for the grip and end cap, brass pieces fixed to it for looks. It is definately one of a kind. I hope to make the blade next and also put the electronics to make it hum.


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