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Thread: shirtless maul

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    This interpretation of Maul...

    ...comes from a recent Dark Horse Comic, which has him training with that pack-in 'droid, sans shirt, and lookin' waaaaaaayyyyBAD. I don't actually have the comic, but I thumbed through it, and it's impressive... most impressive. Might have to get it before the Maul hits the pegs, just so's I can relive the action of the comic when I get 'im!
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    Oh yah GNT!! The commtech one I'm refering to. Guess the day's too heavy to digest sometimes.

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Amanaman is essentially no different than his vintage counterpart. Slight differences but essentially the same figure.
    Like Amanamatt I have to strongly disagree. Such a statement could be made of any of the figures. The Stormtroopers, C-3POs, Chewbaccas, Princess Leias, "Hammerheads" are all ESSENTIALLY the same as they are, like the originals, representative of what we see on film. Where the POTF2 and POTJ lines distinguish themselves is in the level of accuracy they are able to lend to the figures with what techniques are available today. Saying that the Amanaman figure is esentially the same is like saying that the Gonk Droid is esentailly the same as the vintage Power Droid! Usually Jargo and I are in complete agreement, but I have to take some issue with downplaying the dynamic and accurate look of the upcoming new Amanaman.
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    Quibble quibble quibble.....

    My point was that Amanaman is actually just the same as he was in his last incarnation whereas this Maul is radically different than his last incarnation or any of the ones before that. I don't doubt that Maul is not the deluxe figure as billed in all the articles about him. he seems like a late substition for something far more interesting to fans which got pulled at Lucas' behest because what was really planned in his place was spoiler ridden. A theory only. I like the look of the droid desoite the hokey colour scheme. It should be black and it has a golden metallic finish. Hmmm. I will need to see one on the pegs to make a final decision about it. Does this sound like a U turn? perhaps. I will obviously be purchasing an Amanaman first as I am a fan of the OT before a fan of EP1. But as a customiser, Maul will be most welcome in my figures to mess around with box. Saesee Tiin awaits him......

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    Thumbs down h-o-hum.....zzzzzzzzzzz**snore**

    Probably the least impressive of the Deluxe so far. Why Hasbro chose that tattoo design I'll never know. Sure it's part of the comic book series, but by no means is it canon. It is ugly, that's for sure. I remember being the biggest Darth Maul addict a while back, I bought everything I could get my hands on even that wierd 'rubicks-cube' head. However, this figure combined with the Sith Apprentice have effectively cured me of my Darth Maul fandom. Enough of this loser already!
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    Originally posted by humsup
    Oh yah GNT!! The commtech one I'm refering to. Guess the day's too heavy to digest sometimes.

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