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    I don't believe your Duplo example holds up since the "white" character was not made with a Yellow head. Instead, it's supposed to be a realistic peach color.

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    Originally posted by Caesar
    I don't believe your Duplo example holds up since the "white" character was not made with a Yellow head. Instead, it's supposed to be a realistic peach color.
    I'd probably go along with that if their Duplo figures had not ever been all yellow at some point, which they were. Why change that and not their regular Legomen?

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    You're right. If the black should be represented by a brown-colored head, the white should be represented by a peach-colored head. But that belongs to humans.

    Luke, Leia, Han and Lando are aliens, who lived "a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away" - like Chewbacca, Yoda and the Ewoks. The Chewbacca, Yoda and Ewoks are sculpted very well with the right color. There is even a brown-faced and a tan-faced Ewok! But the Luke, Leia, Han face-sculpt is compared to that awful, they've forgotten noses and ears and where did they saw those yellow color they got all over their faces?

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    They're still supposed to be Lego System mini-figures, you add too much and they become something else, something that wouldn't be interactive with their current line a la "Jack Stone".
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Not in my opinion.

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    Maybe now that they've gotten that out of the way, we'll finally get a Lego Lando.

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    I hope so !

    I haven't purchased the new Jabba sets yet, but plan to eventually. I'd love a future Skiff Lando in the future to go in the palace or on my skiff.

    And of course, I'd love a Cloud City Bespin to fire at my Boba as he flees on Slave I.
    Maybe we'll get one with a Bespin Carbon Freeze playset.

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    Hey, this is the best "Why no Lando?" post I've ever read, so I'll take the time to put in my 2 cents.

    The whole yellow=universal spin is LEGO covering their @$$.

    Take a look at when the figs & minifigs were introduced by LEGO - take a look at 70's demographics of their workforce, their primary markets, their marketing, etc. It all comes out to: yellow is a stand in color for white people. They're yellow because at the time they only used basic colors for their molds.

    With the NBA line I'm convinced we'll never see a black Lando because the white players are also a new fleshtone, so it furthers their new "yellow=universal" spin.

    My solution for the Star Wars line (and Lego in general) is to embrace yellow as white, have a lighter brown (lighter then TIE pilot so subtle expressions show up better) for Lando & Mace. I think the colors are universal enough that we don't need tons of accurate fleshtones.

    Whatever they do I'm confident in 3 things:
    1) We won't get a Lando or Mace. They're both key characters and we haven't seen them yet already 1/2 through the license - LEGO will just play dumb on this one.
    2) There will be better and better customs of these two. I'd love a yellow Lando just to get the torso and legs, Mace is pretty easy with all the throwaway Jedi extras.
    3) Not for SW, but LEGO will eventually release a black character as a minifig without the NBA super-expressioned face. No help from Harry Potter here, but some series must soon demand an answer to the question of what they will do with a major character.
    - HkChicago

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    Well, if they can make Yoda's, and the Gamorean guards head green, Bib's head a cream color, or the TIE fighter pilots head a dark brown, then why can't they start making a light brown Lando? I understand the first characters I mentioned are all creatures, or have there heads covered, but has anyone seen the new NBA lego sets? I think they have some color correct figures. My son and I were just checking that set out tonight, and I don't recall Shaq being yellow in color, I mean other than his lakers uniform.
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    Don't forget that Vader's head is grey. I'm not really sure how that fits into yellow=everyone, but he is 'human' so it looks like they are already deviating from their pattern.
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