I can appreciate that Lego does not want to use brown for a Lando head because they claim that would establish the yellow heads as being ethnically white.

But I have to wonder, if yellow does not equal white, why the hell haven't they made a Lando figure by now? Just make him with a yellow head, give him a distinct moustache and black hair piece, and with the blue baron administrator garb I'll have a Lando figure. Sheesh, it's not like Lego sets out to create realistic likenesses.

Again, I do appreciate Lego's perspective but I think it's terrible that Lando has not been made yet. I don't know if they're influenced by the Simpsons, but within the world of Lego yellow is the fantasy color of humans. Hayden Christensen is white, and I have a yellow figure of him. Billy Dee Williams is black, but I can't have a yellow figure of him? Makes no sense to me, I urge Lego to get on with the business of adding a Lando themed set to my collection.

Since there is not a Dear Lego forum here, I hope that someone (hint hint JT ) might bring this up to them. And if you know anything else about this situation, I'd be eager to hear it.