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    Will you buy Ultiamte Yoda?

    I was eyeing him up at the midnight madness sale, but I don't believe that I could spend $100 on it.
    I think he looks neat, but when I looked on the back of the box I noticed he is hollow. I guess I just assumed he would be one solid set. I know there's not really a reason for them to make the set solid, but it would be cool to have all those extra pieces for the price of the set. If (when) he drops to clearance, I might buy him. I'll have to determine what I think to be a reasonable price.

    What do you think? Will you consider buying him? Have you purchased him already?

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    i don't have that kind of money to spend on a weird looking statue. i had to put back slave I cause it was too much for me at the time.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    No way. I love Legos, but that thing is ugly.
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    The whole thing with Legos is to break them apart and make other stuff. If you're going to get a statue, why not get one that looks like the actual character and is actually a statue?

    I would rather spend $100 on the regular Lego sets than this thing or the other stuff from the UCS.
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    But it's not a statue! You've got all those extra pieces to build . . . well, you could probably build a green and tan hut. Or a box.

    BTW, thanks to nobody for telling me I misspelled "Ultimate" in the thread title.

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    I don't care for the Yoda, but that Blockade Runner at Target is quite appealing. But I'm just a broke college student who will have to make due with his old Lego sets.
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    I'm on the "sorry, not for me" list on Yoda. I think it's a cool idea, a spin-off from the Target giveaway, but it just isn't my style and the price is too high for my wallet.
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    I want it, it is only 13" tall and it is $100. i probably will buy it after it goes on sale.
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    Dunno, it just isn't all that appealing. Now if it were a life-size statue for $100...

    LEGO's pricing sure has gone up alot, anyone know why? I know there are the special pieces and stuff, but it's gotta be embarassing when they're even more expensive than Hasbro.
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    Way too high a price to pay for something from Lego. I do however love the look of the Blockade Runner, but also I would never pay that much for a Lego set. What do they think the people are ROCKAFELLERS or what? No thanks, I'll stick to action figures till the price drops dramatically,


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