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Thread: who tought Yoda

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    who tought Yoda

    how did yoda become a Jedi,or was he the first one in the galxey.
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    if they come out with series of books this could be revield but who is good enough to teach yoda.
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    well, just picture a young yoda. about 80-100 years old.(not that old for him he has great power, but can't weild it wisely. he's a fast learner and has the most powerful use of the force in the galaxy. this would be an awsome series! i would by it the first day it came out!
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    Yaddle trained him.

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    If you read the Ep1 novelization it gives a lot of history on the Jedi knights, not specifically about Yoda but enough to realize that Yoda wasn't the first.

    Remember in ANH when Ben said that "for over a thousand generations the Jedi knights were the guardians of peace...." A thousand generations, a generation is 20-40 years; so that would be 20-40 thousand years that the Jedi have not only existed but held authority in the Republic!!
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