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    Glow in the dark sabers

    I don't know if this was mentioned before, but Would it be too difficult for hasbro to make the lightsabers glow in the dark. I think it would be a cool idea although I don't know if it would cost more money for them to produce.

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    well it may cost more if they are in different colors.
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    if they could've done vader's emperor wrath, i don't see why they can't do it..........

    It's a pitty they couldn't improve power F/X figures, I still like Vader's lightsaber........he's so goddam**d cool !!!
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    I guess what would be cool is if they could make put a tiny core within the blade itself that would glow in the dark and it'd be like the white core piece on a movie lightsaber blade and it would also provide illumination to the blade making it seem like it would be glowing. Technically if they put forth the effort it wouldn't be THAT hard, they could mold the lightsaber around the core - like making popsicles on a stick. Those would be pretty cool for anniversary figures, however I just want the blades to go back to normal for normal figures as they would probably raise the price on the figures for something like that.

    Can you imagine all the errors that would pop up though?
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