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    Any one get their free comic and poster at TRU

    I noticed something on the main page about it the other day however, when I went in to check today at TRU, all I got was a LEGO poster for free. They didn't know anything about a comic.

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    I too only saw the posters. The cashier wouldn't let me have one since I didn't buy any Legos. Oh well, I tried. Very nice shot though, it reminds me of the Target Lego display.

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    The TRU I stopped by showed me the poster that you get w/ any lego purchase. If you spend $50 on SW merchandise you get a free EP. I video.

    I was told the 1st comic is slated for next week. Another wasted trip to TRU.
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    I went to TRU in southern IN today on my lunch and one of the nicer (mid to late 30's) employees asked who I was looking for. Of course, they were out of Dookus and the Bespin Wave for that matter (dagnabbit!), but he did give me a copy of the comic (1st of 4 - with a new one each week), and even gave me a copy of the poster (which looks like the one posted from Celebration II).

    He was extremely nice and helpful, which was very cool. He said he went to Celebration II and Hasbro reported that none of the figures should be in short supply as time goes on, so be patient and all the figures will show up in your stores before long. That was nice to hear.

    The comic isn't much. It's smaller than a usual comic and is printed on the same paper as the one from Free Comic Book Day with the same cover style (cover printed on the same paper as the rest of the comic), and the story is Obi-Wan on a mission to delver a message in his Jedi Starfighter and Jango Fett attacks in the Slave 1. Pretty basic, and somewhat corny, but hey, it was free.

    I ended up finding Dooku (FINALLY!!!!!!!!), Qui-Gon, Orn Free Ta, Endor Soldier and the Massif at the Wal-Mart in the mall where the TRU was, so all was not lost. Even after I got my two Dookus (one to open, one to save) there were still two left, which I helpfully placed in the front so someone else would see them. No hiding figs here!

    Then I went to K-Mart and bought the 4 figs I'd been putting off (Jar Jar, C-3PO, Tusken Raider, Battle Droid) for the BOGO1/2O, and used a coupon I'd gotten previously to get a deluxe Mace for free. So I got 4 figs and a deluxe fig for around $22. Whoo hoo

    Not a bad haul. Of course, I could be greedy and say I wish I'd found Bespin Darth, Luke and the regular Mace, but I'm sure they'll show up eventually.

    Just thought I'd share.

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    hey i went to TRU today and they has just put out that wave with mace, vader, luke, and jango! i was like "good timing". i picked up the "bloody luke" and vader for now. probably go back later and get the others since they had a buttload!
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    I need 2 bloody lukes and 2 vaders. Stupid stores here don't have any of them. Really any Luke would do, but the bloody version is just too cool.

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    Originally posted by CooLJoE
    I need 2 bloody lukes and 2 vaders. Stupid stores here don't have any of them. Really any Luke would do, but the bloody version is just too cool.

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    my local tru didn't seem to have either the comic or the poster
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    my TRU had the poster but it's the same from last week. the comic however i guess is next week. the bespin it! they has tons of those figures...

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    I called to my TRU and they had no idea what I was talking about. I don't care much about the comic. I'd just like the poster.
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