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    Lando is useless

    In my continuing prep for EpII, I just finished watching ROTJ. I noticed that Lando has absolutely no purpose in the entire Jabba sequence. Not only that, he is actually a liability once the battle begins, as his fall takes Han and Chewy out of the action in their attempt to save him. The rest of the Rebels, even the droids, have a definitive purpose for being there...but Lando is useless.

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    I hadn't really thought about it before, but I'd have to say that Lando served more of a "reconnaissance" role. He was the first to infiltrate Jabba's palace. He could rely information to Luke and the others regarding security, palace layout, etc. etc. He also could have served as part of a backup plan if R2 hadn't been able to deliver the lightsaber. Plus, he was able to take the other guards on the skiff by surprise once the attack began. Everyone's attention was on Luke--not on some "skiff guard."
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    I think he also helps pull Jabba's throne over the Rancor trap door that Luke falls through.
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    Being part of Jabba's guards allowed Lando to train to pilot a skiff for when they escape. See? There's a use right there.

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    I believe Lando also keeps Leia from being accosted by other guards when she's found out, and on the skiff, he's the only one of their group that actually has a weapon besides Luke and his fairly limited lightsaber. True, he doesn't seem to be much use once the battle actually commences, but IMO, he has a USE.
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    [Skiff guard about to smack Han]
    "Wait, wait, wait!!!"
    [Han pushes Lando in front of him]
    "Ok, try your best shot."
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    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    I think Lando had a purpose and he would have been useful on the skiff had he not been knocked overboard. So whereas he should have been protecting Han with Chewy and watching Luke's back (even though Luke didn't think he needed it ), he actually became a liability.

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    My one question: Wouldn't Han still be kind of mad at Lando for selling him out to Vader and getting him frozen in Carbonite? Kinda of strange that he rushed to save him when he fell overboard.

    According to the Tales from Jabba's Palace book, Lando was responsible for freeing up two droid jobs so Threepio and Artoo would be needed when they arrived. But that relies heavily on EU and thus can't be used as canon.
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    If it wasn't for Lando, we'd never have the odd EU name "Tamtel Skeej." Besides, he left first (with Chewie) to look for Han, so he would be the recon man to coordinate the rescue, of course.
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    I believe that I heard that Lando was introduced into the story because African-Americans were going to boy-cot the second movie becuase there were only Caucasions on the first film.


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