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    R2 D2 and Stairs

    In Watto's Shoppe, Watto leads Qui Gon out back to the junkyard. R2 follows them. Problem is, the only way out is up a short bit of stairs. How did R2 do it?

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    it shows how he does it in one of the moives,it shows him going down,he puts one leg down the turns then puts the other down,and so on and so forth.oh it was in A new hope when luke said what a piece of junck,behind him you see R2 going down the stairs.hope that helps.
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    going up is a different story
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    or not
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    We also saw R2 walking down stairs in ANH when the group is entering docking bay 94, he just kinda waddles down one step at a time.
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    But how does he get up? Even if he "waddled" up those stairs somehow, he sure made great time because in the very next cut, he's right behind Qui Gon and Watto in the junkyard. Same for the exit scene out of the shoppe.

    And there's always the matter of his navigating through the wild forests of Endor in the search for Leia. I don't know about you guys, but any woods I've ever walked through included many fallen trees and large rocks to get over or around at some point.

    And for that matter, how did he get in and out of the X-Wing on Dagobah in ROTJ?

    And in ESB, he fell out of the X-Wing, but how did he get back into his socket?

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    File under: "Pointless Questions"

    Anyway, Artoo was supposed to be much more agile than what he appeared onscreen; but due to the limited technology of 1977 he was forced to move like he does. When Star Wars became such a success, Artoo became an icon so there was no way to redesign him without people noticing. Thus he is just that magical little droid who always appears where he is needed. Which is part of his appeal.
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    Well for getting OUT of the X-wing I figured from the scene in ESB that there was a tiny elevator type piece to help them manually out. Although how they're actually supposed to get down when it's fully landed without help of mechanics...

    How did he also go over those sand dunes with those tiny little wheels?
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    guess R2 is just a superdroid...
    everytime there is trouble: R2 saves the day!

    no seriously, maybe he just used his boosters to get up the steps like he should have had in episode 1

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    Well, Luke could have used the force to levitate R2-D2 in and out of the X-Wing. Since we never see R2-D2 board or disembark the X-wing himself in the movie, other then the time he falls off into the swamp. Most other pilots probably keep their droids in the droid socket, most of the time.

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