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    Something to think about concering magnets...

    well accodring to rebelscum hasbro has been reevaluating the use of magnets, and this is easily supported by the fact that a third variant of bespin duel luke is now available, this time with a plastic peg...if this is true, and it isnt just a flesh colored magnet, do you think hasbro will also change such figures as HD anakin and zam wessel?

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    There were some rumors to that effect. I think someone mentioned in another thread that Hasbro was thinking of redoing HD Anakin. At any rate I bought another HD Anakin to keep carded just in case they decide to do away with magnets, so I'll have the original version. Maybe I should do the same with Zam and Final Battle Jango....

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    I'm hoping they open their eyes some more and do away with the gimmicks sooner than they would've. :happy:
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    Jango Fett

    How strong is Jango's magnet? Is it as good as Zam's or as bad as Anakins? I hope they go back to pegs.
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    Re: Jango Fett

    Originally posted by PloKoon2385
    How strong is Jango's magnet? Is it as good as Zam's or as bad as Anakins? I hope they go back to pegs.
    It's basically in between Zam and Anakins. It's not quite as strong as Zam, but it's nowhere near as useless as the one with Anakin. His head really stays on pretty well, but it's loose enough that you can knock it off without tipping over the figure, which makes it really fun to hack off with my Mace figure
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