I was extremely dissapointed by the organization and presentation of Celebration 2 in Indianapolis. I traveled a long way from New York to be treated to a mediocre convention that I could have experienced anywhere in my local area. There was no atmosphere to the event and the fan club gave nothing for any fan to take away with them. Even the orchestra concert, that everyone clammered over getting tickets for, was less than enterntaining. Not to fault the musicians but the lack of interactive visuals to accompany the music left me snoozing in the aisles. The final insult came at the so-called, "Stunt Spectacular" when Nick Gillard and Nash Edgerton refused and had not pre-planned any stunt similations or mock lightsaber duels, dispite the requests of fans. This is their job and they flat out told us that it would'nt be worth doing in this venue. An outright dissapointment. I'd like to know others opinions, do you feel taken advantage of? I certainly do!