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    Screwed up Jorg Sacul on ebay

    Check out this screwed up auction here. Talk about false advertising.

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    What makes me laugh is that somebody has actually bid on it

    Tom Coglin does not share your optimistic appraisal of the situation.
    But he asks the impossible. I need more Monkey-Chow.
    - Caesar

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    some people really do anything to make money...

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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    thats just messed up. strange. weird. annoying. and a bunch of other words i won't say. who is the fool who bid on it? too weird for me...
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    that has to be the saddest thing ive ever seen...does this guy actually think it'lll work?

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    did anyone happen to look at the buy out price?! $21,536.00
    this has to be a joke 'cause if its not this guy's got some reall issues to deal with

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    He doesn't need friends... he needs psychiatric evaluation and containment!
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    Ha! i think you hit the nail on the head there Jedi

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    Obviously does not have any idea of how to socialise.


    A Total W&*KER if you ask me.

    Maybe he needs the money for a new wardrobe ? ?

    Check out the dress ! !
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison


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