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    This is a toughie to answer...

    ... but let me give you a "best of" list:

    $.97 POTJ (first two or three assortments) @ Wal-Mart (TRU "door-buster" price match from 'day-after-Thanksgiving-Day-Sale' ad) - Fall 2000
    $5 Hasbro Lightsabers @ TRU - Now!!
    $20 At-At's and PFX X-Wings @ TRU - Summer 2000
    $1.97 CommTech R2's/Stormies @ TRU - Spring 2001
    $7.99 Mynock Hunt Cinema Scenes (qty. found... 5!); Rebel Pilots/Skiff Guards @ Kay-Bee/Toy Works - Summer 2000
    $12 Falcon Case with Scanning Tech @ Wal-Mart - Summer 1999
    $11.97 (cost) 3-3/4" Han with Tauntaun @ Wal-Mart - Spring 1999
    and any and all "Episode One" clearance deals, especially the Queens Royal Starship and half-price Fambaa from FAO!!

    ... just a few favorite deals. There's more; just can't remember them all...
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    Mynock hunt and Theater edition Luke for free! I had a friend who was into collecting, but he had to quit because he couldnt keep up.
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    I got 3 Mint in Mint Card EU Mara Jade at $10 each. Down here, its about half its usual retail price.

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    From winning various contests, I got a Luke Stormtrooper, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Trade Federation Droid Fighters, Endor Bunker Playset, and the Fan Club 4.

    If you meant an actual deal...I found all 3 Hoth beast packs at normal price at a K-Mart long after they became rare.

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    I bought a Super Nintendo from Target for $15. Brand new, sealed in the box and everything!

    But I assume you mean Star Wars. Well, when I was in Korea I bought a few of the Korean exclusive Transformers re-releases. I spent a total of $60 on the toys and $13 on shipping to send them to Brian's Toys for trades. Where I recieved a Marmit Boba Fett, a Marmit Sandtrooper, and the entire newest wave of POTJ! Along with some other stuff.
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    Not to be a nit-picker, but...

    I really haven't had a "best deal" on POTJ items yet. Since that's the title of this section. But...

    $4 Blue Snaggletooth (with no gun ).
    $200 or so for 7 POTF figs (Luke Trooper, A-Wing Pilot, R2 w/ Saber, Amanaman, Imp Dignitary, Romba, Barada).
    $28 for Queen's ship
    $20 vintage Y-Wing
    Others I forget now, but...
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    Re: Not to be a nit-picker, but...

    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    $200 or so for 7 POTF figs (Luke Trooper, A-Wing Pilot, R2 w/ Saber, Amanaman, Imp Dignitary, Romba, Barada).
    Not bad at all
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    Thumbs up

    Most of my best deals would be vintage stuff, since I finished my collection (that still grows; how's that happening? ) about 1994 or so. The prices weren't so high then. But the opposite gives me an idea...
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    I got 4 R2-D2 w/Holograph Leia, 6 Stormtroopers, and 3 Darth
    Vader w/Interrogation Droid, for $1.97 at TRU.

    I sold 2 of the R2-D2's for $12.00 apiece.

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    I picked up 7 Vader with Interrogation droids at TRU for about $1.97 each.


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