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    Which FFigure Are You Looking Forward To The Most???

    Out of all the new figures we have seen in the last month which of the following are you looking forward to getting the most?

    The list to choose from is as follows:

    A) FX-7 - Medical Droid
    B) Zutton (AKA Snaggletooth)
    C) Imperial Officer
    D) Rebel Trooper - Tantive IV Defender
    E) Eeth Koth - Jedi Master
    F) Queen Amidala - Royal Decoy (Black dress)
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    Make way for the queen......

    .....I'm looking forward to black dress Amidala. Bring on Celebration Amidala (white dress), next!

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    I am going to say FX-7. I also agree with the Amidala in white but they have to include the Globe of Peace
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    Since the figure I am looking forward to the absolute most, Amanaman, is not included on this list, I would have to say...


    I don't know why, but I just can't wait. Perhaps it is the mind boggling detail. Perhaps it is the 18 articulated arms. Perhaps it is the fact that it is designed to act as a counterpart to the Bacta Tank Luke. Perhaps it is just that I am silly for droids.

    And of course, the long-overdue remake of R5-D4 is high on my future release list, as is BoShek.

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    I think Snaggletooth will be cool! I don't really know why but he just looks so different than many of the other figures. Then I'd have to say FX-7 cause it will be nice to finally see him (?) in the new line.
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    White Queen.

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    Without doubt:

    (1) the new R5-D4;
    (2) Snaggletooth-Zutton
    (3) Imperial Officer (need about 4 or 5 of those, maybe more);
    (4) Rebel Fleet Trooper (at least 2-3 of 'em)
    (5) Luke X-Wing

    I'm a sucker for OT figures, especially from A New Hope! But I don't understand the clamor for FX-7. He's about as exciting as 2-1B, maybe less so.
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    I'm really excited about the Imperial Officer, the vintage one was one of the best figures in the line and always my favorite. So I'm glad they actually improved on him, which sadly cannot be said for some of the previous vintage remakes (any early POTF2 figure).

    RFT, Snags and FX-7 are also on my must-buy-even-if-it-costs-me-a-kidney list.
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    FX-7 and Zutton!!! If u had included the Luke Bacta Tank, that would have been my vote.
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    Myself,I'm looking forword to Zutton (aka Snaggletooth) since I loved his vintage counter part and I'm happy Hasbro is finally making him.

    Rebel Fleet Trooper,such an improvement over the last figure!
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious


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