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    What's the best deal you've ever got?

    I just bagged over 250 worth of goods for just 70. various POTF and EP1 stuff, commtech, cinema scenes, small vehicles, beasts. I'm happy as pig in poodoo to be honest. now I don't have to worry about finding the nephews any xmas stuff, got it all sorted in one fell swoop. YIPPEE!

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    The best deal I got from the POTJ line is getting the figures $3 cheaper at AU$12.99 which is the best I've paid for a POTJ toy!
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    Hmm...I paid $5 for a vintage AT-ST. Its incomplete and the stickers are worn off....but eh...its still pretty cool.
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    I thought getting the AT-AT walker for $20 was good. I bought the royal starship for $38 in July.

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    The BEST deal i ever got was a complete set of mint on mint cards Droids action figures. All were included, even Boba Fett. All for $150.00. Now that was a deal.
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    R2-D2 (Holo Leia) for just $3.00!!
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    Talking Good Deals

    Good deals are hard to come by, but if the store makes a mistake, its not your fault
    Anywho, i got the AT-AT from McFrugals (now BIG Lots) for 30', and a B-Wing for 29.99
    i got the computer gaming mothly mag with obi wan on the cover for free.
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    R2 Holo Leia

    I got R2 with Holo Leia for $1.97 at TRU... I still brag about that one.
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    The best deal I get is whenever somebody gives me Star Wars stuff for free.

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    Yeah, R2 Holo Leia and four CommTech Stormtroopers for $2.00 a piece. I almost cired it was so great.


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