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    Cool Toy Fair Vader...where art thou?

    I am looking for a Toy Fair (New York) of Darth Vader, MOC.

    I have the following for trade:

    (1) Dooku
    (7) Yoda
    (3) Royal Guard
    (1) Taun We
    (8) Hanger Duel Anakin

    The numbers shown represent the amount of each character I have for trade.

    If you have a Toy Fair (New York) of Darth Vader, MOC and would like to exchange it for 3, YES 3, of these that I have for trade....please contact me:

    I don't want it
    I just need it
    To breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive.....

    René (pronounced "eh")

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    Toy Fair, or not?

    Rene, I think you're going to have to offer a little more for a TF Vader.
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    Yup. Condsidering the average going rate for one is between $100 and $150 US, 3 figures worth all of $20 at most is not all that enticing. I paid $120 for my TF Vader. $120/7 = at least 17 figures before I'd even consider parting with it. Gotta hate it.


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