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    On a lighter note, I read in a Star Wars guide somewhere that Snaggletooth's species is Sniivian or something and that they are "violent sociopaths". Probably due to millenia of being made fun of for their large heads, or small bodies, as the case may be.

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    I thought it was all the spice the had.

    Glitterstim and the like.

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    I don't think it is Sal. There just wouldn't be much point to it. I think that will bear out when we see "real life" pics from the Wizard World tomorrow, I bet it will look exactly the same.

    JediTricks, I'm kind of surprised anybody thinks that the body ISN'T tiny. Granted, they don't have any other figures in the shot to compare to, but looking at the lenth of his legs, and the size of the Duros gun (which is VERY small) he absolutely doesn't have a huge head, it just looks enormous on his Jawa sized body.

    Also, ask yourself how Hasbro would be including so many cool accesories AND leg articulation if they were ALSO using all that plastic on a full sized figure. Does that sound like the Hasbro we all know and love?
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    It is a large head on a small body. This character accurately dipicts the snivian seen on the holiday special, but what I was wondering was he ever seen in the cantina scene in the actual film. I know that Takeel, the snivvian from the cinema scene was and is movie accurate from what we can see of him.If so then the red suit is acurrate for botgh of them. Although a blue suited variant would be cool for nostalgic reasons. Or maybe they can do the bue suited snivvian from cloud city.

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    what blue suited snivian from cloud city?

    where was that?

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    Everything I've heard seems to indicate that Zutton was NOT in the Cantina Scene in A New Hope. He was just one of Bea Arthur's friends in the Holiday Special. (It was Bea Arthur, right?)
    I think the figure looks pretty accurate, and is obviously short like the old red Snaggletooth.

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    In Cloud city in the scene where the city is being evacuated and everybody is running you see to people in blue run by if for one second if you blink you'll miss them. If you pause it or slow it down you can just make them out. One is a snivvian and the other is that gerbil looking guy from the cantina. The was a still picure iof the two of them that was on a notebook and a poster produced at the time of ESB, this is how I know who they are.

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    Ha! I have been vinicated by puppetboy!. Thanks puppetboy!

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    The head does look a little too big.
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    The blue clothed Snivvian is a female in a soft blue diaphanous gown over slacks of the same and wears little blue pumps like ballet shoes. The figure Hasbro has reproduced is from the holiday special where he could be seen drinking at the bar masculine as the day is long and wearing a red jumpsuit with a black stripe down the side.
    Hasbro have made this figure as an homage to the holiday special and the general nostalgia in the air as we head into the 25th year of star wars. I'm sure we'll see some more of this nostalgic throwback type figure in the next twelve months. What with the 25th anniversary 2-packs being released at the end of this year.........
    Just use Zuttons 'big melon head' for customising then. It's excellent for that as it is normal sized and not a tiny head that would look soft on a full sized body. That's what I'm gonna do if I ever get hold of one.


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