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    Snaggletooth doesn't have a big head...

    Dudes and Dudessas, I don't think the new Snaggletooth (aka Zutton) figure has a giant mellon, I think he has a SMALL BODY! Think about the corrected vint figure and it's lack of height, and look at how Duros' gun looks a bit bigger in Snag's hand! Hasbro is including a drinking glass, a pistol, a bazooka (!!!) and extra articulation for kneeling and sitting, why would they make a big-head figure come with all this stuff as well? Look how big his hands are compared to his feet, his arms, his torso, I think this is a figure about the height of a Jawa with a normal-sized head, NOT a figure with a skull the size of the Death Star.
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    I agree

    His body does seem to be quite small. However, have we actually seen a picture yet of what he looks like compared to other figures? Until we see a comparison, it's hard to tell which is actually larger.

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    I can say this, because I am too, and that's "With a mellon like that, he's got to be part Scottish" I swear I saw him in Braveheart.

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    Well, for whatever reason his head looks quite huge. I still like him though. Great accessories too.
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    well, I feel sorry for his mom! Can't imagine what it felt like to pass thru with a cranium that size.


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    There is a rather disproportionate head/body ratio, but the head sculpt looks pretty good. I just wish he had the blue outfit on, he does look kind of like Michael Jackson in the "Thriller" video.

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    I am reproducing my reply to a thread in "Dear Hasbro" that is appropriate to this one. It is followed by additional thoughts specific to this thread.

    "Check out the big head on Zutton!" (Mace Winfield, Pulp Wars)
    As to the big head on Snags, I believe Zutton was played by a little person (dwarf). If you look closely at the proportions of the figure you will see that this is an accurate portrayal of a little person in a costume with a large mask. It is difficult to make out this distinction as the figure is not shown to scale with others, but when the pics arrive from Wizard World, I'm sure you will see that he is a lot shorter than most.

    As to the thought that Zutton should be in the blue uniform, this is like suggesting that Ponda Boba should appear in a high neck orange jerkin with blue sleeves and blue slacks and Jacque Cousteau designer flipper boots. There simply was never a blue uniform! I believe Zutton may actually be from the Holiday Special, someone more knowledgeable will have to confirm that. Zutton is suffering from the "Ugnaught Syndrome". When the POTF2 Ugnaught 2-Pack was released, there was wide-spread complaint about how awful the sculpts looked. How could Hasbro make such lousy sculpts when everything else was improving. The answer is simple, they were not poor sculpts, they were incredibly ACCURATE sculpts. The sad truth is, the Ugnaughts are just poorly made (the masks that appear on film that is). Watch Empire closely sometime and you will see how awful the Ugnaugts look and how accurate the sculpts for the figures recreated the look on the screen. Zutton accuratly portrays a little person with a mask. Personally I salute Hasbo's "pull no punches" approach to as-it-appeared-on-screen realism that is evident in the Amanaman sculpt as well. Now we just need a new Momaw Nadon that is accurate and all will be well.

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    The only reason I suggested Zutton have a blue outfit is because I seem to remember the vintage Snaggletooth having that variation. I could be wrong. I don't know if he was wearing blue in the movies ever, hell, how many figures have come out w/ something that wasn't in the movies? And plus, we already HAVE a Snaggletooth with a red outfit. It's a Malibu Stacy thing, see?

    Also, that Ponda Baba variation sounds cool, they should have released him on an EU card or something!

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Takeel (or is it Nabrun Leids or Labria) from the Cantina Aliens 3-Pack a snaggletooth? If so, you are right, we already have the red suited version. All of these figures look like prototypes, so I think the head size and cloak could be changed.

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    snag on snaggletooth

    I think the pic is a photoshopped version and not the real pic.

    Why would hasbro make an absolutly hideous mistake as the big head

    oh yeah wait han solo of the 70's and greedo of the POTF series

    MY BAD!


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