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    World Trade Center Updates

    Since the first thread's getting long, maybe some of us can post just news updates here. LAX is closed until tomorrow, as well as many other airports. At this time, Pres. Bush is heading back to Washington at the White House. Supposedly a 6pm PST news conference will occur.
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    According to headlines at and (neither of which have actual articles yet), there've been some kind of explosions in the city of Kabul (Afghanistan) The US has denied involvement, and "Afghanistan opposition" has claimed responsibility for those particular explosions.

    The prime suspect is believed to be Osama bin Laden, whose group was responsible for the bombing of the US ship (the Cole?). Bin Laden is a Saudi exile thought to be in Afghanistan, who (about three weeks ago) threatened large and unprecendented attacks on "American interests" within the coming weeks.
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    I heard on NBC that there were missile trails spotted over Kabul, Afghanistan. The US has denied involvment, I sincerely hope that is true.

    I'm listening to the local radio station right now and everything is being shut down even school sporting events and the mall. In addition to the airport, the military posts and all but one entrance/exit to Mexico. In fact the city has double shifts of police patrolling the streets, is this happening anywhere else?
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    It appears that, by design or coincidence, the attacks in Kabul are the responsibility of the rebel opposition within A***anastan. There is speculation that it is in retaliation for the death of one of their generals in an attack over the weekend. It is likely that such a strike was already in the works following the weekend attack, so it could just be a coincidence that their attack occured on (in Afganastan) Wednesday morning, following our (U.S.) tragedy. It is also possible that it seemed under the circumstances, the ideal time to attack their enemies.
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    I live near the Canadian border and I can tell you that cars going to and from the U.S. are backed up. It seems they are tearing apart almost every suspicious looking car. But we aren't in a state of hysteria. Things from the outside appeared to be somewhat calm and organized through all the chaos today. I have heard a fighter jet fly by our house (he was quite high) which gave me a little jolt of panic. I also shudder a bit when I hear sirens far away. You just never know what is going to happen next.
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    Unhappy deaths

    It was reported that EIGHT HUNDRED people are dead in the Pentagon. TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX dead passengers in the planes. And THOUSANDS dead from the World Trade Centers. This is HORRIBLE. And, it may not be over. I am 16 and I am totally baffled by this. I will have one more thing to say to my grandchildren that I was alive when........ I was in school and noticed all the teachers convened in the Main Office all staring at the TV. Then I heard two teachers talking about it. I almost fell over. My heart, and my peers' hearts, go out to everyone who has suffered from this hate crime. But.....we will go on.
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    My GOD!

    I still can't believe what I saw! Oh my! This is such a tragedy! and in my opinion all involved shall die for what they have done!
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    I have just heard that a person on the plane that crashed in Pensulvannia/pitsburg? (Sorry as I don't know who to spell them?) called his mother and said that the plane was hijacked by 3 people!!!!

    3 people,Gee god!!
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    Hijacked not with guns or bombs, but with knives, with KNIVES!!! Puny little stupid knives, no less, not even big knives, they gained access to the cockpits and took over controls of the plane, almost certainly flying it themselves -- this is probably how it was with all of them. After all those hijackings in the '80s, why weren't the cockpits turned into vaults that cannot be opened in flight? Why wasn't there a security system that knocked out everybody in the main cabin with sleep gas, or even just decompress the whole thing and drop oxygen masks?

    Anyway, more survivors are being found in the WTC rubble, so hope is still there.
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    Thumbs down

    The area is in a state of turmoil. I live right by the lincoln tunnel and everything is stopped. No one can get in or out f the town i live in. There are some reports that they found a couple of vans by the tunnel that shouldn't be there. I don't know what the entire story is with that.
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