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    keep those receipts

    Huge savings if u keep them

    Still have my receipt from TRU midnite madness.

    If i remember right
    Bring in walmart flyer to get price matches:
    17.99 3x sabers from 19.99
    8.99 3x deluxe from 10.99
    24.99 slave 1 from 29.99

    Bring in kmart flyer to get price matches:
    17.99 droid blaster from 19.99
    buy 1 fig get one 1/2 price (24 figs) 12 @ 2.99
    reek @ 13.99 from 19.99
    16.99 3x 12" figs from 19.99
    10.99 2x speeders from 12.99

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    I always keep my receipts. I'm going in to KMart today to get some $ back. Hopefully they're not going to be idiots about it and not honor the price matching.
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