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    Stormtrooper Troop Builder Set is available for pre-order only at the fanclub

    The Stormtrooper Troop Builder Set is available for pre-order only. This product, along with all other products ordered with it, will be shipped to arrive at your door on or around June 7th, 2002.

    order before the scalpers buy them all up.

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    I ordered 2 of them myself.

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    Sure... that would be great if my computer could even FIND!!!
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    Is that gonig to be a fan club exclusive?

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    Okay... logged onto AOL and got off of NetScape. I got them.

    It IS a FC Exclusive. The total came to right around $25.56 USD (I think).
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    Its fanclub exclusive, but you don't need to be a full SWFanClub member (as in you don't have to be in the $30/year fanclub).

    I'm only a website member and its $19.99 for the 4-pack. I think its 17.99 for full members.

    Mine came to $44 (2 4-packs and basic shipping PLUS the free 5-card starter pack).

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    yeah... I was a little concerned about that at first, but someone told me I didn't have to be a member. The members just get a discounted price because they already got ripped off once by joining the club!
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    I think I'm gonna pass on these. I've got plenty already, so I'm saving up to get enough Endor Troopers to fight them.
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    I want to order the x5 Super Pack cause I was wanting to get some for building my army plus I wanted one set to keep in the box (even though it's just a white mailer box...) so this way I can get my army-builders and plus save $20 I would've paid for the one I'll keep boxed. I just hope S&H isn't too much... probably won't be able to get the super pack though, be my luck by the time I can order they'll have sold out.
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    I got the Super pack and it didn't charge me for shipping. Cool. Plus they are sending me a free pack of those crap AOTC TCG cards. Too bad they weren't old Decipher packs...
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