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    Revenge of the Sith

    Ok. let's talk Sith.
    First of all- "There can be only 2?" Was this always true? or was there a time when there was a whole bunch of them? If there were always only 2, I don't see how they could have been that big a problem, especially in the past when the Jedi were so numerous and prosperous. Anyway.
    Let's talk about the Sith we do know. Vader was the coolest, and baddest. Palpatine makes a nice "evil Master" type, and even the toughest critics of TPM will grant you that Maul was was one bad mamma-jamma. I haven't seen AOTC yet, but this Dooku character looks kinda stuffy. I know I should wait to see it, I don't even know if he's going to be back for III.
    But I want to take another look at Maul. Sure, he's dead, and he ain't coming back, Lucas has told us over and over. And after TPM, there was some debate as to whether he should come back or not. At the time I was all for his permanent retirement. But now that I think of it, part of what makes a good serial/comic/series is the return of a really great crowd pleasin' villian, over and over. Imagine the first screen shots of Vader in ESB or ROTJ. He'd get standing ovations. Maul was fun to watch, he didn't even need the lines he had. Maybe he and Vader could duke it out in III to see who's the baddest. Oh well.
    Say, another question, Dooku is an old guy, what was he doing during TPM? And if he's a Sith, is he a newly initiated Sith, because he wasn't one of the 2 in TPM. Is this just some evil hobby he picked up after he retired? I'm terribly uniformed on the EU, maybe someone could help me out. Thanks

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    At least a millenia before TPM the Sith were very numerous. The order self destructed, and the Jedi exterminated all but one of those that remained. This Sith Lord trained an apprentice, and then the apprentice trained an apprentice, etc. to avoid the self destruction of the order again.

    The details of how and when Dooku became a Sith are not clear. He left the order. I would guess that he joined with Sidious after TPM.
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    Perhaps Sidious was attempting to lure Sifo-Dyas to become his new apprentice and something happened between Sifo-Dyas, Dooku, and Sidious that led Dooku to become the new Sith lord and Sifo to be killed...A tale for an EU story no doubt.
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    I think the Jedi were the most numerous in TPM than at any other time in their history.

    We already got one "crowd-pleasing" villian to make multiple appearances. Boba Fett was retroactively added to ANH, had his scenes enhanced in ROTJ and we are getting to see his origin in AOTC. So we don't need another "crowd-pleaser" taking away screen time from Anakin and Obi-Wan.

    Dooku is involved in EP3 at this point, however anything can happen between now and when Ep3 starts shooting (Christopher Lee is in his 70s after all). Nothing about Ep3 will be finalized until just before it's release in 2005. As it has been with all SW films.

    If you really want to know a lot of info about the history of the Sith and Jedi then read the Ep1 novelization.
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    True enough. I think I'm just going to wait until I see it this weekend. I suppose it would make sense for Episode III to be lacking a main villian to make way for Vader to step up to the plate too.

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    I think Dooku is a former jedi who left and has now come back he isnt that bad a person and he hates the sith but has given up being a jedi,He is sort of a ROUGE jedi

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    Rogue not rouge.I don't think Dooku is in drag any where in ep II.
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    Dooku is a bad guy. Trust me.
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    Would that be a Moulin Rouge Jedi?


    From the way I see it, Dooku is a pretty evil guy. Little in the way of redemption there. He also seems to be playing both sides of the fence as Vader did. He asks Obi-Wan to join him to destroy the Sith; but reports to Sidious at the end of Ep2 that everything is going according to plan. Basically, I think Dooku has his own agenda and will make whatever alliances that seem convenient to suit his purposes.

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    Man....BigB! I thought about spoiling YLG, but then thought "Oh no....I really shouldn't." Then you come along and spoil away!
    Ooops, my bad! I attempted to fix it with "spoiler" tags but alas I think it is too late for our friend YLG.
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    Man....BigB! I thought about spoiling YLG, but then thought "Oh no....I really shouldn't." Then you come along and spoil away!
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