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    Apr 2002
    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.

    Question what would you be doing if star wars didn't exsist?

    i would be alot thinner and more aggresive. i would probably be wondering "what can i do with my life now?" how bout you?
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    Mar 2002
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    Same thing. Well, I'd probably play sports as do most teenagers as damned sexy as myself.

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    Dec 2001
    I really don't know.Star Wars isn't my only interest so my guess would be spent more on motorcycle parts.
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    Saving money.

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    Writing that novel that's inside me. Trying to get my name in lights at some theater somewhere as the star of the show. Maybe attempting to do a stand up comedy act in some seedy little club. Perhaps donating the seed of my loins for money. Eating less junkfood while sat at the PC. Managing to retain frends for more than three weeks at a stretch. getting laid more often. Buying clothes more often and music and movies and stuff. Travelling around and seeing things I've never seen before.....

    Or maybe nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. become a Buddhist and renounce earthly posessions and shave my head and wear the saffron robes and chant mantras and annoy people at airports..... maybe......

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    become a hermit
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    I'm everywhere you want to be...
    Working, working working.

    I have a lot of other hobbies and interests, so I'd probably just invest a little more in Anime, comics, movies, etc.
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    I'd be a huge Trekkie.
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    Outside SSG, banging on the window furiously, yelling "LET ME IN!"
    I'd be a freakin' billionaire!!! To wit:

    "Dear Mr. Lucas

    I noticed after your sucessful American Grafitti movie you went on to make the Indiana Jones films. I really enjoy your work. I have this idea for a 'space opera' as it were that I would like to run by you...


    Rollo Tomassi, your eternal padawan"
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    Like stillakid said, I would definately have more money.
    Also if SW didnt exist, I would probably have more space in my room and would probably be more popular with girls.
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