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    the new Ninja Turtles

    who will be seeing the new CGI moive in decmber?
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    guess i'm the onley one.
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    I'm a huge Turtles fan, but I didn't know they had a new movie coming out. I'll definatley check it out though. Right now I'm reading the new comics series, it kicks.
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    Never heard of this. Any pictures?
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    didn't know there was a new movie coming out
    when I was younger I was a huge turtles fan and had a LOT of figures of them (at least for a small kid) I alwas thought that when I get old I will display some of them but at some time I grew out of them and didn't find them that good anymore and I had another point of interest: Star Wars
    gues I'll see the movie when it comes out on video

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    I heard that John Woo was directing. I don't know whether or not I'll like it, since the original and very campy TMNT: The movie holds a very special place to my heart, but I'll definatley check it out.

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    I've heard about the CGI movie, but I'm pretty sure it isn't gonna be out in December. I could be wrong, but I haven't heard anything that says it will be out that soon.
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    I've heard about this too, but I thought it was still in the early stages of production. If it comes out in December, though, I'll definitely watch it.
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    they said it won't be a funny moive like the old ones,it will be based on the comix,witch i heard is very dark and violent.there will aslo be a new series on T.V.
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    I'm intrested, but only if it follows the original black and white Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird comic books. It was dark, violent, and the turtles were not all goody two shoes like they are in the cartoon or original movies. They were known to even drink beer in those days.

    I did like the first few seasons of the cartoon, until they made it silly as hell. And they better include the charecter of Krang this time, since he did appear in te original comics, though in a slightly different manor. Here is more info: .

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