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Thread: Sail Barge size

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    What would be the size of this super toy?? I'm guessing it would be like the Naboo Royal Ship, maybe even bigger, remember it has to fit Jabba...
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    It needs to be big enough to fit many aliens too!
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    I think it would have to be really big. Much bigger than the AT-AT. It would have to fit Jabba inside as well as the band.
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    I'd assume the interior would be roughly the the size of one of the foldout cardboard playsets Hasbro made with the POTF2 line, at the largest. Most likely it'd be smaller. Jabba's not really that big. He's roughly the size of Ephant Mon not including the tail. I think the vintage Jabba was a good approximation of his size.
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    Id have it at 1 metre long by at least 490 cm wide Now if they did it to that scale then i'd be fine
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    I'm thinking the size of a desk, though it'd be cool if they did just half the ship (cutaway style) with a full-sized top-deck, just like the actual filming set.
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    I hope they're even thinking about doing this. I'm going to wait and see how the market looks, before I'm going to start building my own to fit in it what characters I want.

    I think this vehicle could be made about the size of the 12" Dewback (Head to tail) and it could fit Jabba (being 2 decks instead of 3 - like it actually was "in reality"). It'd be cramped, but it would be finished and 'officially licensed' as only Hasbro can make it. I would prefer a sealed vehicle (one that closes off and matches the exterior of the real ship), but JediTricks' idea of a recreation of the set (open back style) does have some merit - I'll have to give that more thought.

    One thing I MIGHT like to see is, a transparent green front to the ship. That way the window plates etc. could all be molded, the ship and its hatches accurate, but you could see your figures inside of it, placed in there through JT's open back, and your diorama could still be a realistic recreation of the movie.

    They'd use the same thin-style colored plastic like the Vader Dagobah or EW, but a large side-panel sheet of it for the starboard side of the Sail Barge.

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    If they can make a 7 foot GI Joe aircraft carrier, Then they could certainly make a 4 or 5 foot sail barge! This would be really cool if done right.

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    Generally speaking, the Hasbro scale is half that of the realistic scale. And basing this theory on the fact that it would have to come into the playset branch of toys as well as being a vehicle, I reckon they could do it with one interior deck that would be the main room. With just the walkways, the sculpted freeze on the wall and Jabba's dias. The 'windows' would be hinged and the top deck would have a poorer version of the cannon that comes with Leia that could be replaced if you bought Leia. It would be about three feet long and eighteen inches wide. The top deck would of course have the masts and sails that would have to be vinyl plastic. And it would have to come with a figure or figures. Perhaps bartender R2 and a Nikto with that gun that he 'clips' onto the top deck rail, to make it worthwhile. This would also have to be a sort of dolls house type ship with removable panels on one or both sides, so you could access your figures. It could incorporate more rooms at the front based on the cutaway plans from the incredible cross sections book. A cell for prisoners for example, or a store room for accessories.
    Personally, I don't care how much it would cost as I would buy it anyway. This would really give me the hots if it was produced
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