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Thread: Why the Zutton?

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    Why the Zutton?

    Hasbro you chowderheads! Why the heck did you make a new Zutton? Where the hell in the movie was he? What the heck did he do? What is so wrong with the ONE THAT CAME WITH THE "CANTINA ALIENS" CINEMA SCENES 3-PACK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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    One need only see my thread "Hooray for Zutton!" to gauge the full measure of my thoughts on "why the Zutton?". Suffice it to say that the presence of Zutton is a harbinger of great things. It suggests that Hasbro is willing to cull the most obscure recesses of the background to find characters that are not core rehashes. Sure we have a so-called "Snaggletooth" but just because we have Bossk does not mean I wouldn't love to have the others of his ilk from the Cantina and Jabba's palace.
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    It seems Zutton is smaller than the cinema scene three pack version snaggletoth (i forgot his name). Is this true, or are they the same size??
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    I agree with JediCole, I think it's great we're getting these cool-looking (or even Michael Jackson-looking) characters. I'd welcome the background Saurins, Snaggletooths, Ugnaughts, etc...

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    Originally posted by Lobito
    It seems Zutton is smaller than the cinema scene three pack version snaggletoth (i forgot his name). Is this true, or are they the same size??
    His thinner and I believe he might be just a bit smaller than Takeel, I thank Hasbro for producing him
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    I always thought it was the same costume from both the Holiday Special and the actual film. But damned if I'm going to watch the hideousness that is the HS again to compare the two. Besides, it doesn't hurt to have too many aliens filling out your cantina diorama does it?J ust stick one or the other at the table farthest from the front along with your Jurassic Park, G.I. Joe Mainframe, BattlefieldEarth, Xyber9, and Titan A.E. figures that you bought on clearance.

    Er...yeah. That YOU bought...cause I wouldn't buy any of those crap toys to make generic background charaters with... (walks away whistling)
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    I like my Takeel and my Zutton,well I like my Takeel more. I want more aliens......the alien I love the most(as a figure I own) is Nabrun Leids,he is so cool.
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