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    Unhappy It was NOT me - thanks JT

    No, no, no - JT knows I wasn't there. That was the title of the email I received, so I kept it like that. I never wanted anyone to think that I was there. I took his name off just for privacy.

    I did live in that area most of my life and am still waiting to hear from friends and family in that area as phones are still down in many places.

    I have gotten message from others to send him and am happy to do so. He is grateful to all that wish him well as it is such a dark time.

    He has heard from 4 out of 10 the co-workers so that is good news.

    There was also someone on the 83rd floor who got out AFTER the plane hit - so more good news that most people were able to escape.

    I just wanted to share a personal story that you could absorb instead of the horrors shown over and over on the TV.

    I tend to stay away from these forums because what should be friendly debate turns ugly - carded vs. loose, collector vs. scalper and all of those kinds of topics.

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    A friend I know really only over the 'Net live sin Hoboken, NJ just across the river from the tip of Manhattan, just replied to the email I sent him Tuesday night. I was uncertain if he worked in the Towers or not; turns out he was in midtown. I imagine others have worse worries. I pray for them and all.
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    Originally posted by GNT
    Wow dude! Your the first person I know off who got out of the building, Thanks for writting that for all of us to read, hope your okay!
    Well I hope your friend is ok,Tell him thanks for writting it
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