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    Question MOC FanClub/ToyFair DarthVader trade value?

    I can't find the value of the FanClub/Toy listed anywhere..




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    During the C2 Hasbro Sweepstakes, they attached a retail value of $9.99 to the TF Vader. But we won't see it at retail, so the next route is the Fan Club pricing. I'd say that more than $20 trade value is overappraising.

    Then again, items like this do fall into the "worth what somebody is willing and able to pay" category. So be mindful when searching or selling.
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    thanks for the info..

    so it doesn't sound like a good trade for my BlueSnaggletooth..

    but it's confusing though because a single ToyFair Vader MOC is up on ebay for at least what the BlueSnaggle Tooth's are going for..




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