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    Just got back from the midnight showing, it is 3:30 am est , and AOTC rocks! So much more plot than episode 1, its cool and eerie to see some of the darkness in Anakin. Thank God Lucas has made a comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At last we will have Revenge

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    Ok, I just saw it at the midnight show.


    I have NEVER been glued to every word or action of a movie as I have with E2... there were maybe 4 or 5 scenes I think could have used some work as far as CG and acting (see my earlier post) but as far as story and content go, it's one of the if not THE best SW movie in my opinion.

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    How could anyone think this is not the greatest thing since sliced bread?

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    God I LOVED this movie. There were some problems with dialoge, and some things that didn't work quite well (i'm not going to ruin anything for anyone right now), but that last half of the movie I was breathless. I think this is one might become my new favorite....

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    I voted "loved it" because I thought 90% of it was so fun. And at times painful. It's my opinion that the only "whining" relating to Anakin is that of the people who are put off by Hayden's performance. I really felt bad for the character at times, and I don't want him to turn to the darkside.
    Obi-Wan was so teriffic, I could have watched him for 2 hours alone.
    Padme was good.
    I've only seen it once, and so far all that bugged me was the Threepio humor. Well, not bugged but

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    Loved it this is what Star Wars is all about I can't wait for episode III Haden is awsome and Yoda is my all time hero forever! You should have see the reaction of the crowd when his shadow and the clank of that cane came around the corner, this was to awsome I will see this movie again and again this is everything episode I should have been...
    "One day I will become the most powerful Jedi (Sith) ever." Anakin Skywalker, Epi.II

    Yoda is forever my hero now...

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    i saw episode 1 23 times in the theatre. i just saw episode 2, and i really don't care if i see it again. i was very disapointed.

    before this film came out, i was worried about a few things, like the romance between anakin and padme, an 80 year old man fighting 2 young jedi, and a CG yoda flying around like neo from the matrix.

    well, the romance between anakin and padme was a joke. padme is supposed to be an intelligent person, but anakin is throwing psycho vibes at her almost the moment he meets her.

    the saber duels just plain sucked. they sucked because what is an 80 year old man supposed to do? not much, so lucas just has him quickly dispose of anakin and obi-wan. the episode 1 obi wan would of easily whipped dooku's ***.

    and anakin is supposed to be the most gifted jedi ever? let's see, he got his *** kicked in episode 2, and will get sliced and diced big time in the next film, and then get beat by a jedi school dropout 20 years later. some chosen one!

    and yoda, a green goblin who has trouble WALKING is supposed to be believable against dooku? yoda was moving so fast that he should of cut dooku's legs off. and dooku had the perfect chance to kill yoda when he dropped the pillar on anakin and obi-wan.

    and last but not least, the character of jango fett was a waste. the obi-wan/jango fight was way too short, and mace easily disposed of jango, lending further truth to what a loser boba fett will grow up to be.

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    Talking Episode 2

    I just got back from the midnight showing of Ep. 2 and have to say it was the best or so close it is hard to tell. I have to see it a few more times before one can be sure. But one thing is fr sure YODA IS THE MASTER. And to those whom bashed the movie all that I have to say to you is that you should not post here because Lucas got close to the same feeling and emotion. And all of this about an 80 year old man fighting and not looking convincing is bull. I am sorry did you forget all of the other movies to date. I seem to remember "Old Ben" "The Emporor" "Darth Vader" all seem to be old guys and there fights were good enough. But for this movie I thought the Yoda vs. Dooku was not only convicing but the best jedi fight to date. I just hope the Lucas continues to keep the emotion and action in the next and unfortunatly the last Episode as good as this. And "NO STINKING EWOKS".
    Avenge My Father

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    Whoa whoa whoa, a longtime fella like derek shouldn't post here?

    derek, I agree with you about "loser Boba " but look forward to disagreeing with you in detail about many other things.

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    Everyone play nicely with each other...

    Meanwhile, I loved this movie!!! God, AOTC rocked!

    However, I was very objective about some things and I'll put some reality checks in here.

    I told someone who hadn't seen it to TOLERATE it for the 1st half hour. Oh the storyline is good, the sets and effects look great, but the dialogue is terrible and the actors should have 1) better lines written for them (the major fault being the 1st part on Coruscant's script), 2) the actors should have had a hands on director - do you realize what Paul Verhoven could have gotten out of his actors? 3) Typho should have been directed or Re-cast, Ewan could have made a better effort in the original Coruscant scenes like the elevator conversation (he is awesome later), and Natalie could have acted like she cared in the early scenes (save for when Corde died - she was good there but Typho sort of ruined her scenes - more his lines than his acting there.

    The effects and the speeder chase and all the action was awesome. The assasin bugs were totally gross and great effects, but the dialogue there fell flat. Then it gets better.

    Anakin's scenes with Natalie from the freighter through Naboo, Tatooine, and Geonosis were awesome. Save for the first kiss. There was no reason for Padme to make that transition. She was resisting him all this time, then he leans close to her. What did she think he was going to do? The cutting out of her visit with her family and her mother and sisters hinting that Anakin might be right for her, plus his time with her father all led into that. It shouldn't have been cut! Lucas a master editor? What? When?

    The big surprise was Hayden. He did a great job! Probably the best in the whole film (save for Yoda). Ewan's scene with Jango Fett in his apartment was also very intense! There you got it - the feel that this was Star Wars. Now I can't say enough good things about this film after I got the bad off my chest. I'll save some of that for a later post so people can comment on what everyone else has said here.

    But I'll be back!
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